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What Babe Is This?

What Babe Is This?

Vulnerable Babe takes on the madding crowd

It’s Christmas night and City in mystery shroud

Beasts of burden eager waiting in a holy hush

Prince of Peace drew us from the rage and rush

Angels on high visit the wretched Shepherds

God announces gladsome gracious words

Outcasts profligate ne’er do well included

O Star of Bethlehem your long wait rewarded

Poor are glad, King Herod and priests enraged

Humble promoted, oppressed mercy engaged

New Order of the Heart’s liberation unveiled

Swords turn to ploughshares barriers scaled

Turning Tables beginning in the Stable

Mary said Yes…Joseph said but… Yes

Augustus Caesar directed to call Census

God Almighty as Helpless Babe – Dress

Takes on Caesar, Herod, Priest the press

Rags His armour, straw bed His throne

Innocence His weapon, love to His own

What Saviour is this, where’s His Glory – Lying in a Manger

Though Dawkins puffs and Hawking huffs – God not in danger

To Invade the Mighty Roman Empire - man’s injustice and fear

God Babe ushered by a Virgin as foretold by Isaiah the Seer

Immanuel – God with us, for us, in us, thru us – ne’er against us

It’s time again for beauty, truth, love, hope and build up trust

- Dr Lalith Mendis

(The writer is the Director of the Colombo Empathic Learning Centre)