SLIM dons double crowns | Sunday Observer

SLIM dons double crowns

Awards highlight SLIM’s emphasis on governance and business excellence

For the very first time in its history, the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing competed in the 53rd Annual Report Awards conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and emerged with a silver award in the Not for Profit Organizations in the Non-Governmental Organizations category.

Also for the first time, SLIM clinched the Runner Up Award in the Associations and Societies Category at the 14th National Business Excellence Awards 2017 organised by the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka.

Assessing the unprecedented wins for SLIM, President Karthik Elangovan opines that these awards further augment the stability, strength and sustainability that the organization espouses in the way it conducts its business. “For one, a credible annual report entails a great deal of clarity in the presentation of financial and non-financial information and that is what SLIM has striven to do by conforming to the highest reporting standards and we have been suitably rewarded for it too. In being recognised for excellence, the best practices we infuse, our value creation on governance, deeper insights and remarkable growth, and our contribution as the national marketing body to the country’s ambitious development goals are all highlighted.”

“These awards,” says CEO and Executive Director of SLIM, Sanath Senanayake, “are a solid demonstration of our transparency and accountability, not only in delivering maximum financial stability, but also in being compliant with regulations and standards, striving for excellence and setting benchmarks for the corporate sector as a whole.”