NDB goes paper-free this Christmas | Sunday Observer

NDB goes paper-free this Christmas

During a time where climate change is having a massive impact on Planet Earth, NDB decided to go paper-free during the festive season.

The use of massive amounts of paper is one of the key factors contributing towards climate change. While deforestation is a tremendous issue that contributes towards climate change, paper accounts for nearly 40 percent of the trees cut down each year. Statistics show that a ton of paper costs a total of 17 trees.

NDB has always been in the forefront in taking new and improved initiatives in championing environmental friendly activities. In an effort to lessen the burden caused on Earth due to the usage of paper – especially during the holiday season – NDB will be sending e-cards to all clients, staff and others affiliated with the bank. The e-cards are specifically designed to wish goodwill and joy this festive season.

The Bank decided on this due to the staggering statistics that contribute towards climate change and carbon emission.

For instance, assuming that out of the 7 billion people on Earth, 3.5 billion would send greeting cards during the Christmas Season, 3.5 billion tons of paper is used. Taking into account that 17 trees are cut down for one ton of paper, a staggering 59.5 billion trees are felled each year.

The Bank moved away from traditional hard-copy statements, posted to customers in a time-honoured manner. The Lifestyle Statement is instant, readily accessible and a soft copy can be saved for future reference.