Friendship | Sunday Observer


True friends are very special. True friendship is an honest relationship between two or more people which is formed on understanding and trust. True friends have to be ready to care for and support each other during his or her time of need. It is important to have good friends because they give us love, care and emotional support. Social position, race or caste is not important for friendship to begin.

Friends can be of two types – good and bad. Good friends lead us to a good path in life. But bad friends lead us to trouble and ruin our lives. Therefore, we must be very careful while choosing our friends. We all need someone to be with us when we are alone and to make us laugh. When we are in the company of good friends we feel motivated to do better work. Good friends help us to spend our time wisely.


Nushadi Swetha Oliver,

Grade 7,

Sussex College, Kandy.