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Academically and professionally qualified partner from a respectable family is sought by respectable B/​G parents living in USA. Our daughter is a Medical student and she will be graduating in June 2018,​ 5’4” tall and 25 y/​o. USA preferred. If you are interested,​ please reply with family details and the horoscope. Email : p​r​o​p​o​s​8​1​0​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically and professionally qualified partner (47-51) preferably in USA or Sri Lanka is sought by parents for their daughter a Scientist US PhD and PR 47,​ 5’1” fair very attractive younger looking never married with Buddhist cultural values inherits substantial assets. Currently attached to an academic institute in US. Reply with phone number and full details. b​l​u​e​l​o​t​u​s​5​4​1​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically and professionally qualified son is sought by G/B Parents for their daughter graduated from the USA and currently working in Sri Lanka. 1988 born 5’2” Reply to [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified son with religious values, preferably living in abroad is sought by B/G parents residing in Dubai for their 1982 May 5’6” fair medium built graduate chief accountant daughter with Kuja, Shani mangala yoga Brought up with excellent character and Sinhalese, Buddhist values. E-mail- [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified well employed,​ born in 1975,​ height 5’2”,​ attractive Sinhalese kind hearted daughter from respectable B/​G family seeks a suitable partner. Please reply with family details. Email: a​b​a​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​1​0​0​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Academically and professionally qualified well-mannered son (below 37) is sought,​ born 1984. Studied at an International School in Colombo and did her Bachelors degree in Colombo. Caste and religion immaterial. Inherit considerable assets in Colombo 15. Email: a​i​n​d​u​7​7​7​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically professionally qualified son is sought by Govi Buddhist parents for their daughter 32 years,​ 5’4” educated at Visakha Vidyalaya pretty slim. Degree in Accounting and Finance CIMA qualified,​ working presently in Australia as Accountant. She is now in Sri Lanka on a short vacation. Please reply with horoscope and family details. e-mail: m​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​s​2​0​1​8​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m​ T.P. 2816243.

Affluent Govi,​ Buddhist,​ business parents from South seek a suitable professionally qualified son here or abroad,​ proposed daughter is an MBBS Doctor attached to a Government Hospital. She is Musaeite & 5 feet tall,​ slim,​ pretty,​ well mannered & 29+ years old. She inherits substantial assets,​ other siblings are married. Kindly reply with family details & horoscope. Email: p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​.​k​k​s​d​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Affluent G/​B respectable parents seek well employed graduate partner for fair slim pretty very pleasant Bank Executive daughter born in 1984 April,​ height 5’5”,​ B.Sc,​ M.Sc. studied in UK. Email: p​s​2​5​4​8​4​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

An affluent respectable Kandyan/​B parents of Colombo wishes to find an educated smart son from a respectable family for only daughter fair pretty slim 5’8” 30 years Visakian working in a prestigious university as a researcher in USA. m​a​r​r​i​g​e​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​a​l​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

An Engineer,​ Doctor,​ Bank Officer or foreign employed well-mannered son is sought by father from South for Buddhist Salagama /​ Govi Computer (QA) Engineer SLIIT Hon. Graduate pretty daughter aged 30,​ height 5’2”. Differences immaterial. 0412232680. p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​7​8​9​1​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

An educated,​ well employed genuine partner is sought by Sinhala /​ Buddhist respectable parents from Colombo for their only daughter,​ younger looking,​ smart,​ born in November 1971,​ 5’3” working in a Bank as an Assistant Manger. Holds a MBA. She is kind,​ caring and a down to earth person,​ hence looking for a partner with same qualities for a early marriage. Fluent in English and willing to migrate. Marriage registered only and divorced. Divorcees considered without any encumbrances. Reply with full details and horoscope. Email: h​u​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​2​0​0​8​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Australian citizen Engineering beautiful honest kind daughter 26,​ partner for marry with same personal qualities. n​i​m​m​i​r​a​n​a​w​e​e​r​a​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m

A handsome,​ caring and well-brought up qualified Sri Lankan professional partner (Medical Doctor,​ Engineer,​ University Lecturer,​ Lawyer or Accountant) resident in the UK or Europe from a respectable,​ wealthy family is sought for our only daughter (Sinhala,​ Bodu,​ Govi 28,​ 5ft 9 inches,​ slim,​ fair and pretty). She is a Medical Doctor holding MD,​ MSc (Public Health),​ and currently doing MLL (Medical Law). She owns substantial property in Sri Lanka. Also,​ welcome proposals from Sri Lanka and other countries if able to migrate to the UK. Please respond with horoscope and other details. Telephone: (0044) 0114 2763752. E-mail : p​i​y​a​a​m​a​r​a​1​8​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

A Medical Doctor /​ Engineer son below 33 years undergoing post graduate studies sought by B/​G professional parents from Colombo for 28 years slim,​ pretty Doctor daughter undergoing postgraduate studies in Australia. She has Australian PR. Height 5’5”. Studied at a leading school in Colombo. Caste immaterial. Reply with family details & horoscope. Email: k​a​n​n​a​n​g​a​r​a​w​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

A professional kind sober health conscious son of equal social standing sought for daughter 22+ Kotte GB parents upper middle class. She is thin 5’4” medium complexioned works for 11th fortune 500 global e-Business. She has Degree and reading for M.Sc Business Psychology,​ two older professional brothers foreign based. Please share full family details and horoscope: b​i​z​a​d​e​a​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

BG respectable parents from Pannipitiya seek a well employed kind hearted son (dog lover) for their 1992 born 5’3” pretty very slim English business writer daughter currently reading for a Sociology Degree and employed in Colombo holding a managerial position. Manager elder brother married and younger sister University student. Main interests writing,​ traveling and photography. Reply with horoscope and full family details to m​a​r​a​g​e​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​9​5​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Bodu Govi parents seek professionally qualified son below 58 for their well educated pretty tall 5’6” fair daughter. 54 yrs never married. Please reply through p​r​o​s​e​a​b​c​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Bodu,​ Govi,​ retired,​ respectable parents from Colombo,​ suburb seek professionally,​ well employed son for 1975 born,​ 5’6” height,​ very much young looking,​ pretty daughter,​ MBA,​ qualified Assistant Manager,​ reputed private Bank,​ substantial assets include,​ bank deposits,​ car,​ building block,​ and parental property. Respond with required details. d​p​r​o​p​4​5​6​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Buddhist G/B Kandy responsible retired lecturer and teacher seek a educated well mannered son for their 1985 April born 5’3” slim young looking pleasant daughter educated in a leading girls school in Kandy. She is an Assistant Manageress in State Bank. Please reply with family details and copy of horoscope preferable from Kandy, Matale Kurunegala and Kegalle.

Buddhist G/​K parents in UK seek educated /​ studying NS/​TT religious partner with SL values to introduce to their daughter for a potential relationship leading marriage only child age 21,​ 5’4” currently studying. Reply with family details and horoscope. k​.​v​i​t​h​a​n​a​2​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

B/​G Colombo mother seeks educated kind partner for a daughter 35 yrs.,​ 5’4” Visakian,​ works in a reputed Airline as a Supervisor,​ reading for MBA. She will inherit substantial assets. Reply with full details or Email : q​u​i​c​k​p​r​o​p​2​0​1​5​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

B/​G highly educated parents seek a kind-hearted educated son with good family values for their Australian born daughter 5’6”,​ 25 yrs. old (1992),​ tall and attractive,​ Australian private school educated,​ well mannered,​ good Buddhist,​ BSc. (Hons) and Doctor of Physiotherapy Degrees from prestigious Australian Universities,​ well employed in a Medical Practice,​ inherits assets. Only sibling,​ a younger sister is a final year medical student. Mother is a Professor and a Senior Executive in an Australian University,​ father is a Senior Australian public servant and a Company Director. Medical Doctor,​ Engineer or a similar profession preferred. Wealth and caste immaterial. Please respond with full family details,​ horoscope and email or phone number. Email : P​r​o​p​9​2​9​7​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

B/G Kandyan parents seek suitable son for their youngest daughter born 1989/02 5’2” BSc/MSc presently reading for PhD in U.S.A. [email protected]

B/​G parents Colombo suburbs seek an academically professionally qualified religious son for their pretty slim only daughter 34 yrs.,​ 5’4”,​ IT Graduate with MBA,​ brought up with Buddhist values. Reply with family details and horoscope. (Non-malefic never married age between 34-39). Email to : m​a​n​g​a​l​a​s​e​e​n​u​2​0​1​6​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

B/​G parents from respectable family seek professionally qualified well-mannered son for their daughter 41,​ 5’1” pretty young-looking very caring never married professionally qualified Chartered Accountant drawing six figure salary. Substantial assets. Pls. reply with family details & horoscope. p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​7​4​7​4​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

B/​K parents (father Engineer) seek a suitable partner for their well mannered smart daughter (Born April 1988) brought up with Buddhist cultural values. Graduated from prestigious universities in UK (BS/​MS). Currently working in Sri Lanka. Willing to migrate. Inherits land and other assets. Please send horoscope and family details. m​p​2​0​1​7​l​f​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

B/​K respectable mother seeks an educated caring son with good moral values for her only daughter 36,​ 5’2”,​ fair,​ pretty and slim. She is qualified and currently works in Australia. She is caring,​ simple,​ has been brought up with traditional Buddhist,​ Sinhala values and possesses an excellent character. We will be in Sri Lanka early January. Buddhists only please. Please reply with copy of the original horoscope g​k​d​m​2​0​1​7​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Catholic parents seek a professionally qualified partner working abroad or with ability to get employment abroad for their 44 years old 5’ 3: tall pretty never married professional Accountant daughter. Just returned from a long stay abroad. Divorcees too without any encumbrances will be considered. Reply to email: w​i​j​i​t​h​a​.​f​e​r​n​a​n​d​o​@​h​o​t​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​ or call 0312249455.

Catholic /​ Buddhist South Colombo respectable family seeks suitable partner for daughter reading for MBBS in Government Medical College. She is well-mannered honest studied in Catholic Convent 22 years,​ 5’3” height slim fair complexion as an only child. She inherits substantial assets preferred partner MBBS Doctor /​ Engineer or Business Sri Lanka or abroad having good sense of humour,​ below 28 yrs. Father Mechanical Engineer,​ mother engaged own business medical field. Please contact: 011-2716765. Email: a​n​i​l​1​4​p​e​r​e​r​a​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m

Colombo B/​G parents seek a N/​S T/​T kind-hearted academically qualified son below 30 years age for their 1992 born pretty slim 5’4” tall daughter CIMA qualified BSc graduate working in leading private organization in Colombo. Reply with family details,​ Son’s horoscope. E-mail: p​h​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​2​0​1​8​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Colombo B/​Salagama 40 years,​ 5’6”,​ fair,​ pretty Management Graduate,​ doing own business. Parents looking for a suitable partner. Substantial assets including house. Caste & religion immaterial. Contact No. essential. s​u​b​a​m​a​n​g​a​l​a​m​7​7​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Colombo suburb S/​B professional parents seek professionally qualified partner for their slim well mannered pleasant attractive & cheerful daughter MBBS Doctor employed as Medical Officer studied in leading Buddhist Girls School in Colombo born in July 1984. Please forward details with copy of horoscope to a​c​h​d​e​s​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Colombo - B/​G very respectable business family parents seek partner above 5’8” preferably foreign educated graduate well-mannered T/​T,​ N/​S unblemished character form respectable B/​G family for their pretty fair 28,​ 5’5” UK graduate eldest daughter excellent character. CIMA completed. Send family details with copy of H/​cope. Email : k​m​a​r​r​i​a​g​e​p​r​o​p​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Expatriate SB parents seek a mature,​ responsible groom well established in his profession for their employed,​ graduate daughter. Our daughter is fair with pleasant features. The prospective groom would ideally be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident between 35 and 39 years in age. Please forward family details and horoscope to: s​y​d​n​e​y​p​a​r​e​n​t​s​9​9​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Gampaha Govigama Buddhist mother seeks a suitable son for the daughter born in 1988,​ graduate employed in a leading private bank. Studied in a leading school in Colombo. Presently reading for a MBA. She is fair,​ height,​ 5’,​ English speaking only child in the family. Substantial assets available.

Govi Buddhist parents seek an educated and employed person living in Australia for the only daughter aged 35 height 5’3” pretty. She is divorced after very short marriage (No children) Makara lagna,​ Saturn and Kuja in 9th house,​ having M.Sc (IT) from an Australian University and presently living in Australia).

Govi Buddhist parents seek professionally qualified partner for UK graduated daughter born in 1970,​ 5’4”,​ dual citizen holder British and Sri Lanka,​ fair,​ pretty,​ looks very young,​ never married,​ currently employed in reputed Airline in UK if interested,​ please reply with family details.

Govi Buddhist parents,​ Oz citizens,​ daughter 20,​ 5’2”,​ slim,​ fair,​ pretty,​ Graduate + Postgraduate study of Medicine (only brother also studies medicine) looking for a loving caring son with foreign exposure,​ professional from a decent /​ similar background. Visiting SL 26/​12-20/​1. Email m​a​r​p​r​o​p​2​0​1​8​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Govi Buddhist professional parents living in USA for 30 years looking for a US educated son for their JD qualified Attorney daughter. She is 27 years old,​ 5’4”,​ fair,​ well mannered,​ talented,​ working in a leading law firm in a major city. Reply with copy of horoscope. l​a​l​i​t​h​r​a​2​7​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

G/​B parents from respectable family seeks a partner for 35 years 5’3”,​ slim & fair daughter. She is foreign educated and was employed overseas for a 5 years. Currently working in a leading private company in Sri Lanka. Divorced after short marriage. No encumbrances. Owns modern house & other assets. Willing to migrate,​ seeks well educated & employed partner preferably divorcee of similar background. Reply via Sunday Obsever or Email: s​c​g​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​8​2​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

G/​B parents from respectable family seek kind caring professionally qualified or educated business son for their daughter fair pretty 39,​ 5’2” professionally qualified graduated from Australian Universities with MBA. Legally separated from a very short proposed marriage innocent party. Earns substantial monthly income and inherits considerable properties. Please reply with family details and horoscope in first letter. Kuja in 8th House. Thula Lagna,​ Siyawasa Nekatha. p​r​o​p​d​a​n​7​7​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

G/​B parents living in USA seek an academically and professionally qualified,​ NS/​TT partner for their 29 year old,​ 5’4”,​ slim,​ fair,​ pretty,​ medical doctor (MD) daughter. She is raised in US with Sinhala,​ Buddhist values. Please reply with horoscope and family details. Email : g​s​k​.​k​s​g​.​1​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

G/​B professional parents seek professionally qualified kind-hearted son,​ preferably TT/​NS,​ with Buddhist values and good character for their 26 slim,​ fair,​ pretty,​ caring daughter excellent character. Educated in Sri Lanka,​ final year Medical student in Australia. Caste immaterial. Presently on holiday. Please reply with family details,​ horoscope,​ contact number. k​a​n​d​y​0​3​9​@​h​o​t​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

G/B Respectable parents Colombo suburbs seek suitable groom for never married pretty daughter born 1976 younger looking, slim, attach to a prestigious company with assets. Reply with full details and horoscope. [email protected]

I am Govi Buddhist Colombo 44 yrs.,​ fair,​ slim,​ pretty,​ 5’2”,​ financially sound legally divorced from 1 yr. marriage as the innocent party with no encumbrances seeks a partner divorced or widowed with or without kids for marriage. Please apply with full details to r​o​s​e​2​1​0​6​1​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Matale - mother seeks suitable bridegroom for Buddhist aged 22,​ 5’3” very beautiful well-mannered daughter with long hair studying for HR Diploma. (m​p​2​0​1​9​5​1​6​8​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​)

Moor parents Colombo seek well settled groom in mid-thirties for professionally qualified,​ fair,​ slim,​ tall daughter. Lecturer medical college for early marriage. Willing to relocate. j​d​e​e​n​c​o​l​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Moor parents living in Australia seek a good-looking,​ well-educated partner,​ below 30 years of age,​ for their daughter. She is a pretty,​ 25-years-old,​ 5 ft. 4” tall,​ fair-skinned,​ active,​ Doctor. Those living in Australia preferred. Please email details to : m​e​d​d​o​c​0​2​4​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Moor UK brother seeks religious bridegroom for slim pretty IT educated Aalima sister aged 25 height 5’3” Teacher Colombo International School. m​u​s​n​i​k​h​a​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Mother seeking an academically and professionally qualified decent gentleman for pretty much younger looking 43, 5’3” attractive, slim well mannered daughter working in Australia as an Accountant. Please reply with horoscope and family details. [email protected] 081-2386743

Parents from a respectable Bodu Govi family seek an educated and well-mannered son to be kept proposed for their 1998 born,​ 5’4” height,​ fair,​ pretty,​ smart and pleasant daughter who studied at a leading school in Colombo and is currently pursuing her higher studies abroad. Please respond with family details and horoscope to n​r​d​i​s​s​a​n​a​y​a​k​e​7​8​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Parents living in USA seek academically and professionally qualified,​ well mannered,​ Sinhala,​ Buddhist son living in USA or Canada. Our 22 year old daughter has educated and working in USA as an Engineer at a reputed Company. She is 5’5”,​ fair,​ slim and pretty with kind-hearted personality,​ brought up with Sinhala,​ Buddhist family values. Please send family details,​ contact numbers and horoscope to : m​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​s​9​5​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Professionally /​ academically qualified partner is sought by GB brother for youngest sister born 1977 graduate USA pretty fair 5’4”,​ studied in leading college. Dowry 170 million,​ worth house land in suburbs,​ Shani 7,​ malefic. Reply with family details & horoscope. Email : h​a​p​p​i​n​e​s​w​i​s​h​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Qualified partner sought by respectable BG banker mother for her 82 born daughter 5’2” pretty & partly qualified in CIMA. Only brother Engineer working in US. Willing to migrate. Kuja at 7th. p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​s​2​m​a​t​a​l​e​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​ 066-2224014.

Respectable G/​B parents seek a partner for their 38,​ British citizen,​ pretty caring academically & professionally qualified daughter currently residing in London,​ divorced after a brief unsuccessful marriage,​ no encumbrances. We are looking for a kind hearted caring son with a good sense of humour. Preferably living in UK. Respond with horoscope & family details to p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​2​6​7​9​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Respectable,​ Sinhala/​Buddhist family with a well established,​ business in the U.S.,​ looking for a well-mannered,​ tall (5’10”+),​ educated son for our 31 year old,​ slim,​ pretty and educated daughter. Please reply with horoscope and family details to s​l​p​r​o​p​8​6​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

1987 December fair pretty and good charactered BSc MSc Software Engineer with assets and properties. Working as an Engineer in Australia with PR academically professionally qualified NS/​TT BG partner is sought by parents. Reply with details and horoscope. p​r​o​p​o​s​1​2​8​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m