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Landmark Developers unveils Comfort Dwellings

Landmark Developers Chairperson Neelangani Hapangama and Managing Director Eksith Hapangama
Landmark Developers Chairperson Neelangani Hapangama and Managing Director Eksith Hapangama

Landmark Developers, Sri Lanka’s new property developer, has launched ‘Comfort Dwellings’, an affordable housing concept for the new year.

Managing Director of Landmark Developers, Eksith Hapangama outlined the company’s plans for this year and the current state of the housing market in Sri Lanka and how his company is here to “make a difference”.

Excerpts of the interview conducted with him:

Q: Why is affordable housing a relevant topic in today’s housing market?

A: Affordable housing is relevant today, mainly because people are fed up of the term ‘luxury’. It is an abused, over-rated term that is used by housing development companies to increase prices.

As a result of this, people cannot afford to buy homes at the current so-called ‘luxury’ prices. At Landmark, we are here to prove a point; to make a difference.

We have identified that there is a huge demand for ‘affordable housing’ in Sri Lanka especially in Colombo and its suburbs.

It is the type of homes that is ideal for the middle-income segment.

The senior executive, managers or any individual for that matter looking to invest in their first home will find our affordable housing option the perfect fit. With our new product we are ready to make their dream of purchasing their first home a reality.

Q: What is Landmark’s solution for affordable housing?

A: Our solution for affordable housing is what we call ‘Comfort Dwellings’. It comprises beautiful, affordable, quality homes with modern contemporary designs and architecture.

All of these homes will be custom-built with an emphasis on promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

They will be located in fast-developing suburban areas such as Thalahena, Malabe, Athurugiriya, Thalangama, Kaduwela, Kottawa, and Homagama.

Clients will have the freedom to customise the homes as per their requirements in consultation with Landmark’s designing team.

We also intend to use the latest technology to provide a state-of-the-art home at an affordable price.

We also experiment and innovate a lot internally, not on client projects but on our own, to identify new ways to make houses affordable.

Q: What is Landmark’s experience in the housing market?

A: Landmark Developers is led by a businesswoman with over thirty years of experience in the design field while our team is young, dedicated and enthusiastic. We also offer legal, financial and banking consultancy services. We currently have a partnership in the US with a focus on the states of California and Texas. In Australia, we are operating in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane through our real estate partners.

Q: Apart from affordable housing, what are your other solutions?

A: We, at Landmark Developers, also focus on the construction of low, mid and high-rise buildings for residential and commercial purposes including the management of such properties and provide construction expertise and services to clients.

We also have a product called Nano Homes which is a first-of-its-kind concept pioneered by us. With Nano Homes, the design is based on a combination of pre-engineered sections and sustainable construction.