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Narrow shave for Thewarapperuma

Deputy Minister of Sustainable Development and Wildlife, Palitha Thewarapperuma almost became a victim of an elephant attack yesterday when he and a group the Minister was with, was chased by an injured wild elephant in Dimbulagala, during a visit to the area. The incident had taken place near the Idda Pichcha tank when the Deputy Minister, several police officers and Weheragala wildlife officials had attempted to examine the elephant which was lying down after allegedly suffering gunshot wounds.

However, the elephant had risen when the group approached and chased them, including Deputy Minister Thewarapperuma. The group led by Therapperuma were seen making a run for it while wildlife officials attempted to scare off the elephant by firing into the air.

Sources said the Deputy Minister had then called for veterinary help to treat the injured elephant. Thewarapperuma has been actively participating in rescue and search missings of wildlife such as elephants since his appointment as the Deputy Minister of Sustainable Development and Wildlife.