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Discovering the world through Post Crossing

There is perhaps nothing more exciting than hearing the bell of the postman outside your gate. The familiar trrring! trrring! means you’ve got mail! With time exchanging letters and postcards are becoming a rare form of communication which makes receiving the odd letter or postcard through the post all the more exciting.

Likewise travelling the world too can be quite an exciting adventure. Though packing a bag and just hopping on a plane or cruise ship is all it takes, it can also be expensive. With the world being quite expansive, visiting every city in the world is perhaps also not possible in one's lifetime.

But of course, there are many other ways one can still embark on a journey across the globe to see its many wondrous sites. Books, television, radio programs and of course, mail are just a few ways you can be transported to a country you have never been to. So what if you could receive mail often which also allows you to experience the world without actually leaving home?

Post Crossing, a project created by Paulo Magalhães from Portugal in 2005 which allows people of all ages around the world to exchange postcards, does just that. As mentioned on their website the aim of the project is to connect people across the world through postcards, independently of their country, age, gender, race or beliefs. Doesn't it just sound wonderful?

The idea behind the project is simple. Every member receives one postcard for each one they send out.  So how does one get started?

STEP 1 - First you have to register yourself on the official website for the project which will connect you to thousands of other post crossers across the world. You can ask your mom or dad to help you to register and maintain your account for you.

STEP 2 - The next step is to request to send a postcard. The site will give you the address of a random member and a Postcard ID. Pick a postcard, write a friendly message, along with its Postcard ID and the address is given. Don't forget the stamps!

STEP 3 - Now all you need to do is mail the postcard from your nearest postbox or post office. Ask your mom or dad to help you!

When your postcard arrives, its recipient will register it using its Postcard ID. This will make you eligible to receive a postcard from another member and where your postcard will come from is a surprise!

STEP 4 - One day you'll check your mailbox and a postcard from someone far away will be waiting for you!

STEP 5 - Now it's your turn to register the postcard using its Postcard ID. That's it!

This is a really fun project you can start with your siblings or parents. You will be able to collect postcards from around the world and get to know about their countries and culture.

The Post Crossing community is kind, considerate and friendly. While today you might be sending a postcard to a 20-year-old tomorrow it will be to a mom and her 5-year-old daughter.

Post crossers come in all ages, backgrounds and countries. Did you know that up to date over 40 million postcards have been exchanged through this project?

It is wonderful to come home to find several postcards from different countries around the world waiting for you. This can be a lifelong hobby which can be shared with family and friends. While hoping you will discover the world through Postcrossing, as those in the community say,


Happy Post Crossing !