TNA rejects Wiggy’s call | Sunday Observer

TNA rejects Wiggy’s call

Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran’s call to the TNA to boycott the Presidential Task Force (PTF) meeting on Northern Development, coming up on August 27 has attracted criticism from politicians in the North.

Dr. N. Kumaraguruparan, the General Secretary of Democratic People’s Congress told the Sunday Observer that people in the North and the East are looking for a journey comprising Rights and Development.

TNA parliamentary members earlier rejected the controversial Chief Minister’s request, at a meeting held last week, clearly indicating that the people in the Northern and the Eastern Provinces are in need of development after a three decades of wa

Wigneswaran in a letter to the Opposition and TNA Leader R. Sampanthan earlier last week, seeking the need of a political solution before attending to Government led development programs.

However, at the TNA parliamentary group meeting at the Opposition Leaders house last week, it was decided to participate at the PTF meeting, rejecting the call of the Chief Minister.

“During war time, schools, hospitals and roads were severely damaged. Therefore, development should take place. The President has initiated development work and we all should support that,” a former provincial councillor stated.

“Wigneswaran is nothing but another politician who plays to the gallery,” he said.