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The perfect realization

Where mind hovers or rests, knows none
Fastest it runs speed no limitation
To unknown and unseen territories in the universe
Even beyond runs the unwary mind
In the heart or brain or in part of the body
Who knows where it hangs around
Yet, everyone talks about mind
Not known to explain from where it sprung
No deceitful wiles be performed unknown to mind
Mind is there to reveal if any wrong done
Everyone’s slave to mind except lord Buddha’s mind
Buddha made his own servant the unwary mind
And attained enlightenment overcoming the mind
So the Buddha a unique person to the three-world became
Buddha’s Mind surpasses everyone’s mind
If with ill-temperament talks to someone
With mental suffering follows the action
If love, affection, kindness and compassion
Involved in one’s action
Like wheels of cart follow good action
Realization of effect of good or bad goes with the healthy mind
Mind is implanted in a froth like a mirage unseen
Unseen elements as wind, thunder and the elements of lightning
Make more powerful than any other worldly visible elements
But mind is more powerful than all such creations
The element of mind changes from wink to wink
Happiness enters to make a tranquil mind
Only delight in sublime Dhamma the unslavish mind
As the noble – one made known to mankind
Deep, deep so deep healthy mind sinks to the bottom
Of the ocean of teachings of the noble one
At last the facial appearance of the ‘wise’ becomes so pleasant
Like a moon on a Vesak Day reflects upon
The ‘wise’ put into practice realized
As Dhamma sublime
Pure water in a silent-tarn ‘wise’ become
So deep clear limpid and par-excellence
The mind attains
Having renounced all worldly comforts and attachments
Rid of cankers with perfect wisdom glowing
Nibbana the ultimate realization attaining
And the wheel of birth in Sansara ending.

Dharma Kaviraj


Around the orbit, concepts rotate
One at a time to weave the next line
either it could be fine like earth or it could be,
tiny like Neptune
Happily, it will be massive like Jupiter
Somehow framing ourselves each day
Pacing towards the unseen edge
We are rowing within our own Space
Meanwhile, beams will grace us like Saturn
Every impression we wore at a time will
mirror us like a piece of diamond
Nevertheless, every planet will craft my ride
Craving to seize the giant
Aspiring to unveil the gleam
Capturing the slipping notion before any rotations
Which will reside for a few seconds
Though we are aiming for the tip tops

Samala Rodrigo

The goal

Going to school everyday
Attending tuition classes from dawn to dusk
Taking examinations in a rat race
Passing with flying colours.
Hey, it is just a machine!
But they say,
“It is the goal of life”
Then tell me,
Have they ever listened to birds chirping
Have they ever enjoyed the beauty of a starry night or
Even have they flown kites in the open air?
For them, they are only aliens.

Thisari Imesha Kannangara

Intellect vs Empathy

Ill clad, clumsy, hollow-eyed was he with a beggary appeal
Ten scores in age he may be,
I observed him keenly head to foot.
No visible sign of deformity
Why is he begging?
Demeaning himself?
I beg the question!
Why do such able-bodied people beg?
Poverty of the mind?
Dependency syndrome?
Learned helplessness?
I argue with myself with such psycho-social jargon
I saw a woman vendor yon there,
“Plodding her weary way home”
Going up to him
She gave him some coins
She looked serene and blessed in giving the beggar
Has she read the Dhammapada?
The Bhagavatgita?
The Bible?
Or on Zakat?
Dostoevsky or Dickens on the wretched of the earth?
I reflect upon ……….
It is my intellect, insensitivity or inhumanity
Which barred me from giving the beggar some coins for his measly living?
And I reflected yet……
With my essayed mind collaborating
‘Conscientization’ of Paulo Freire
Ah, I found the reply
Daily, she reads the world and the language of the heart,
For folk like us!

C. Kariyawasam

A happy life well lived

Don’t bottle away your dark emotions
Of anger, anxiety, envy or hurt
Thank God that you feel this way
It just shows that you are much alive
Don’t reject expressing this dark side
Let it follow through and out of you
Otherwise, it will clog your system
And interrupt other positive emotions
Make an effort to listen to yours’
And others’ pain; this will heighten
The appreciation of pleasurable moments
Wisely deal with dark emotions
Then, you will see their hold weaken
This will open the riches and wealth
Of a happy life well lived!

Timothy A. Edward

Nature and you
Cherish our nature   
Banish being selfish   
Flourish in good health  
Live, in a world of,   
Clear sunlight   
Clean water   
Pure air   
Unmixed soil   
A healthy mind,   
In a healthy body...   
Can truly generate   
 Love and kindness  
 And thus create   
Peace and joy for all mankind.  
Padmini Senevirathna