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Letter: To the cowards at CH and FC

I find it very hilarious and laughable that CH and FC which only a few days ago threatened to destroy a rival rugby playing club Kandy SC, is now through anonymous names at CH and FC threatening to pull out from contesting the upcoming inter-club League season.

The reason they have given not to contest the League is because one foreign player is to play in the team of the lower ranked clubs like Police and Air Force. I challenge CH and FC and their pompous Rugby Committee chairman Major Tanesh Dias who threatened to destroy Kandy SC to come out and play against the champions instead of hiding behind flimsy excuses.

To me CH and FC are cowards unable to face reality and play against Kandy SC which will have no foreign player in the team.

I wonder what all those players who joined CH and FC from other clubs will have to say about their cowardly officials wanting to pull out from contesting the League just because of one foreign player among 14 local players.

May I appeal to the hierarchy of CH and FC (if there is a hierarchy) not to fall for the dictates of some officials with vested interests and come out like true sportsmen and play instead of letting down their supporters who have waited for nearly a quarter century to see some quality rugby with their new found local players.

I also challenge Major Dias like a true soldier to come out as a responsible person and say that he is not part of the “pull-out game” at CH and FC and that he is prepared to take up the challenge that he threw at Kandy.

Kandy is not a coward club and is ever ready to take the bull by the horns.

I thank the Sunday Observer for giving me their valuable space to voice my opinion and that of the average rugby fan.

Rohan Perera