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Thief slashes Chinese worker : Company Demands protection

9 April, 2017

The management of China National Machinery Import and Export Corporation engaged in the extension of the Matara–Beliatta railway have asked for police protection after one of their staff was slashed by a thief last morning.

Gu Feng, CMC’s Manager, HSE Development of the Sri Lanka Railway project, said that the company was extremely concerned about the safety of the 2,300 employees working day and night to complete the project which is already behind schedule.

Of the 2,300 employees 380 are Chinese. He said that employees attached to the project had been attacked by villagers and members of organized gangs before.

He also stated that there are organized gangs who are said to demand fuel and other material from those engaged in the project and assault those who do not comply.

He said that the private security firms are unable to deal with organized crime. This particular incident occurred at about 4.00 a.m. on April 8, when 31-year-old Zhang Fei, head of the survey team, was suddenly woken up due to some noise, and found a stranger in his room. As there was hi-tech survey equipment valued at more than Rs 3.5 million in his room he immediately grappled with the intruder.

On hearing the commotion within the room, his co-workers had broken down the door and come to his assistance by which time the assailant had slashed Fei in an attempt to get away.

The assailant, a member of a three-member gang, had entered Fei’s room through a window. Zhang Fei who was admitted to the emergency ward of the Matara hospital has been working on the Matara– eliatta Railway extension project since it’s inception in 2013.