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Time to tweet up

10 December, 2017

Are you on Twitter? Then the word, TweetupSL would definitely bring a smile to your face. It is the largest meet up of the Sri Lankan twitter community where you meet your online friends offline. Started off as a gathering with a small number of tweeps, TweetupSL has now grown into one of the most anticipated events among social media users.

This year, TweetupSL7 will be held on 16th December 2017 at Trace Expert City. So we thought of talking to the organisers to know more about the event and what kind of special things they have added to the event to make it memorable for the tweeps.


The term, TweetupSL is the name given for the first ever large scale meet up of Twitter users in the country. 2010 was the year where it all started when a few twitter users wanted to meet each other in person. Since then the meet ups kept happening and the numbers kept increasing. The whole idea behind the event is to give the chance to interact with your “Online friends Offline.”

The TweetupSL twitter account does a pre-event and after-event buzz in which the tweeps will be notified about the registration, the award categories, how to nominate tweeps for awards, how the voting takes place and all the other relevant information about the event.

Since a lot of social media influencers take part in TweetupSL, sponsors have always been keen to sponsor the event throughout the years as it adds a great value to their brand/company.


The organisers of the TweetupSL7 are Thambaru Wijesekara [email protected], Pabasara Palletanne - @Lovely_Paba, Akhila Sudharaka - @akhilasg , Sashen Pasindu- @SashenMe, Ranuka Dilhara - @ranukad.

Thambaru explaining how a tweep will be eligible to attend TweetupSL7 says the person needs to have 500 followers, 1000 tweets and the account has to be six months old. And he says these restrictions are mainly to reduce fake votes. “We would like to encourage all to attend but due to several issues which happened at earlier events we thought of continuing those restrictions to maintain the quality. But any newcomer who is willing to attend the event can be added through the white list system.”

Add-ons to this years’ event

According to the organisers this time the mini events are based to let the tweeps to interact more with each other.

“We are trying to give the same atmosphere when they are at home. We hope to make it more interesting and advanced and let people mingle more than the last time. Also as per requests we decided to let the spouses/children of the tweeps to take part in this years’ event. Although for a twitter event we do not permit someone who is not on twitter to participate since the event is strictly for the tweeps. One of the reasons is that most of those are people who have been on twitter for years and years. So now they can just buy a ticket and participate in TweetupSL7,” says Akhila.

Speaking to Young Voice the organisers say the event is a high budget event and they have allocated a lot for the entertainment. “For example #SinduChallenge is one of the trends which brought out the hidden singing talent of our tweeps. Therefore we have included Karaoke as one of the mini events and for that we will be using one the best sound systems, says Ranuka.

Expected participation for TweetupSL is 300+ (Invitations only) including young professionals, techies, start up owners. And the majority of the crowd is Millennials and Gen Z, who are always online and connected over numerous social networking platforms, mainly Twitter. The event will have a number of competitions, fun filled activities, gift giveaways, presentations and networking among the crowd.

Award Categories

The event, TweetupSL has 12 categories which include Mr. Tweep, Ms. Tweep, Twitterholic, Funniest Tweep, Most Helpful Tweep, Hashtagholic, Tech Tweep, Sportaholic Tweep, Foodie Tweep, Most Controversial Tweep, Instagrammerholic and the News Breaker of the Year. The tweeps can nominate their favourite for the above mentioned categories and the most nominated tweep will be awarded the title.

Uniqueness of Twitter

“A lot of people do not have their own name on twitter and the conversations are limited to 140 characters which is now increased to 280. Unlike Facebook everyone knows the others by the twitter handle and not by their real name. So once they meet them in real life sometimes the personality will be totally different from the one you have imagined the whole time you were talking to them online,” says Sashen.

Elaborating more on the Twitter community, Pabasara mentions that there are quite a lot of people that they have never called by their real name because you are used to call them by their twitter handle and that it feels odd and weird to call them by their real name.

“Also we give a badge to everyone who participate with their name tag so that if you can’t recognise them by appearance then you can recognise them from the twitter handle which we are mostly familiar with. That explains how different twitter community is from other social media platforms.”


Twitter is a free social networking and a micro blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users’ messages called, tweets. Tweets are text based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author’s profile. Users may subscribe to other author tweets known as following and subscribes as followers.