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Mullaitivu sets poverty alleviation goal

29 April, 2018

Mullaitivu , the war-ravaged Northern District that was reduced to extreme poverty and zero development for over three decades of its occupation and control by the LTTE is making rapid progress socially and economically, under the already implemented development projects and ongoing projects under huge fund allocations from the Unity Alliance Government, Government Agent Ms.Rupawaty Ketheeswaran told the Sunday Observer.

The district that was the worst on recorded poverty level at 22.5 % in 2012, has come down on the list and stands at No.2 with living standards of the people considerably improved and development programs already having their salutary results, with more fund allocations and new projects in the pipeline, she said.

Providing comprehensive details of fund allocations and projects implemented last year (2017), she expressed her inability to provide details pertaining to the current year since fund allocations have only been received partially, until now. Project implementations for 2018 have just started and details can be provided after a few weeks, she pointed out, adding that housing and infrastructure development, including social infrastructure, rural roads development and livelihood support at a ceiling of Rs.100,000 to a family are some of the significant aspects of the programs/projects for the current year.

She expressed optimism that with the government’s enhanced fund allocations and other funding, including the decentralized budget allocations of Cabinet Ministers and parliamentarians, it would be possible to achieve complete poverty alleviation and advanced socio-economic standards in the coming years. Many of the development programs are in the agricultural, irrigation, health, education and infrastructure sectors, she said.

A total amount of Rs.1,813.119 M has been allocated for the year 2017 from the different Ministries, the Presidential Secretariat and the Office for National Unity and Reconciliation (ONUR), for 6,767 works ( projects/programs) for development in the respective sectors, the break-up of which is as follows:

Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs - Rs.155.621 M; Ministry of Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs - Rs.1,157.871 M; ONUR – Rs.185.38 M; Ministry of National Integration and Reconciliation – Rs.208.72 M; Ministry of Rural Economic Affairs – Rs.25.926 M; Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure – Rs.2.25 M; Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development – Rs.25.56 M; Ministry of Sports Development – Rs.30 M; Presidential Secretariat – Rs.11.951 M; and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce – Rs.9.840 M.

The largest amount of Rs.1,157.871 M from the Ministry of Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs was for different projects, including, housing for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), construction of new houses for protracted IDPs, construction of new houses for refugee returnees from India, renovation of partly damaged houses, livelihood assistance projects, improvement of the education sector, infrastructure development, sanitation projects, water projects, domestic electricity connections, development of minor tanks, infrastructure development for protracted IDPs, construction of Healing Centers and assistance to refugee returnees from India.

Decentralized Capital Budget Program allocations from Ministers and MPs, including National List MPs, amounted to Rs.8.695 M for 192 projects.

The physical - financial progress on Rural Infrastructure Development Program for 2017 in respect of the 6 Divisional Secretary (DS) areas of the District is 156 works that were completed at a cost of Rs.68 M. The DS-area-wise break-up is: Maritimepattu - 55 works at Rs.23 M, Puthukudiyiruppu - 21 works at Rs.9.50 M, Oddusuddan – 29 works at Rs.13.50 M, Thunukkai – 25 works at Rs.10 M, Manthai East –16 works at Rs.7.50 M and Welioya – 10 works at Rs.4.50 M.

The physical and financial progress as at 20.02.2018 on Rural Infrastructure Development Special Program for 2017 is 58 works at an expenditure of Rs.62 M. The DS area-wise break-up is 15 works at Rs.15.60 M for Maritimepattu, 13 works at Rs.14.40 M for Puthukudiyiruppu, 13 works at Rs.14.50 M for Oddusuddan , 6 works at Rs.6.20 M for Thunukkai, 5 works at Rs. Rs.3.30 M for Manthai East and 6 works at Rs.8.M for Welioya.

A total of 565 families were beneficiaries under the Fisheries and Livelihood Assistance Program implemented at a cost of Rs.50 M.

Under the Livelihood Assistance Program 600 works were completed in all 6 DS areas at a cost of Rs.60 M. The work on development/renovation of 53 minor tanks in all 6 DS areas was completed at a cost of Rs.98.57 M.

The Rs.185.37 allocated by the ONUR include programs of economic engagement , village development, rainwater harvesting , disaster relief, border village program and tourism development. The Rs.208.72 M allocated by the National Integration and Reconciliation Ministry include programs/projects such as, reconciliation-focused economic empowerment project,

healing mind for dignified life program, livelihood assistance and income generation support program.