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Australian expert to speak on business intelligence and blockchain

28 October, 2018
Mario Bojilov
Mario Bojilov

Mario Bojilov has been invited by Strides (Pvt) Ltd to conduct a program on Business Intelligence and Blockchain on the 14th and 15th of November at Hilton Residences Colombo (JAIC) for private and public sector enterprises. This session aims to transform businesses to become intelligent and understand how Blockchain can be incorporated into a company’s operations for 2019. Aruna Alwis, Managing Director of STRIDES, said, “This program will allow companies to identify business intelligence tools and incorporate these learnings into their objectives for 2019.”

Be it marketing, information technology or banking and finance, Blockchain is now applicable to industries across the board. This session will allow individuals from the public and private sectors to come together to review their internal business intelligence processes, data management techniques, and apply data analytic tools to understand and identify key methods that can be used to improve the analysis and perception of a company’s progress.

A main objective of this program is to make companies aware of the methodology used to improve their insights into business intelligence and crossover to being fully fledged business intelligent entities. The two-day session will focus on group work and presentation which will help companies transition into a business intelligent sphere.

Mario Bojilov is a MEngSc (Research) qualified professional and has been certified as a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and has a Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment. He has worked in the area of Data Analytics and Business Improvement since 1994.