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Medi-snippets: New Reverse Osmosis plants opened

2 December, 2018

Due to the surge in Chronic Kidney disease patients ( CKD) Sri Lanka Navy’s Research & Development Unit opened four Reverse Osmosis ( RO) plants in Anuradhapura recently, in co-ordination with the Presidential Task Force on Prevention of Chronic Kidney Disease. The mew RO plants have reportedly been set up at Hatharaswala Junior School in Saliyapura, Teaching Hospital Anuradhapura, Dhamma Parami Aranya Senasanaya in Katukeliyawa and the temple premises of Mirisawetiya, Anuradhapura . The Navy has reported as having installed 512 RO plants to date.

Awareness programs needed

Road accidents are increasing daily and around eight persons die daily of road accidents island wide, Health Ministry sources have reportedly said. They said, most accidents and fatalities were caused by motorcycles and three wheelers . In 2017 around 3,153 persons died in road accidents. Health Ministry sources were quoted as saying that the reasons for the accidents were driving while using mobile phones, driving under the influence of liquor, sleep deprivation and fatigue.

To halt this dangerous trend in certain identified areas, the Education Ministry, in coordination with the Health Ministry, has been reported to have begun more awareness programs for the public and schoolchildren whose impulsive behaviour and ignorance of road rules have made them victims of such accidents. Addressing a meeting of school deputy principals at the Bingiriya Youth Training Centre, Kurunegala, recently, the Kurunegala District Director of Education has reportedly stressed that the school community urgently needed more awareness programs on road safety. Around 450 awareness programs were said to have been planned at provincial schools in Kurunegala and Puttalam, by the end of November.

Drunken drivers fined

In a separate news report, suspects found guilty of driving under the influence of liquor as well as several others found guilty of disturbing the peace, were fined Rs 130,500 by the Deiyandara Chief Magistrate and Additional Judge H.U.K Pelpola recently.

Anti Rabies campaign at Ampara

An Anti Rabies Week themed, ‘Human beings can be protected from Rabies through Anti Rabies Vaccination’, was recently observed by the Eastern Province Department of Livestock and Animal Husbandry. To this end, an Anti rabies vaccination program for dogs and cats was reportedly conducted in 20 regional centres of the Department of Livestock and Animal Husbandry in the Ampara District. A birth control surgery for domestic animals was also said to have been conducted at the Kalmunai veterinary surgeon’s office by veterinary surgeon Dr A. Thayuba. He is reported to have said that 90 percent of domestic animals in Kalmunai were given the anti rabies vaccination and birth control surgery which would significantly prevent the risk of rabies in the district.

Special operations to nab drug dealers luring schoolchildren

Sixty Police officers together with Police dogs have reportedly been deployed to apprehend schoolchildren in Kurunegala who attend tuition classes while possessing drugs. Around 4,000 students were reportedly examined and 56 drug dealers selling narcotics to students arrested in the past two weeks. Senior Police sources in Kurunegala were also quoted as saying that around 48 students accused of drug related offences were arrested in the past six months.

In a separate news report an 18 year old youth possessing 70 milligrams of heroin was sentenced to three years rigorous imprisonment recently. The Magistrate has reportedly ordered him to be sent to a Rehabilitation Centre.

High risk HIV persons must get tested regularly

All high risk persons need to get their blood tested for HIV on a regular basis, Epidemiologists attached to the National STD/AIDS Control Program has been quoted as saying at a media discussion last week. They said, female sex workers and their clients, men who have sex with men, ( homosexuals) , drug users who use contaminated needles and syringes, prison inmates, beach boys, transgender persons, TB patients, external migrants, members of the Armed Forces, Police and those working in the tourism sector, fell into this high risk category.

During the ‘window period’ ( less than two weeks after the infection ) they were reported to have said that HIV can be transmitted to another person without detection and knowledge because only sensitive tests such as the antigen detecting test can detect the virus in the blood. They were quoted as saying that around 40-90% of people have flu like symptoms two to four weeks after HIV infection while others do not get any symptoms. These flu like symptoms include fever, chills, rash, night sweats, muscle aches, swollen lymph nodes, mouth ulcers, etc.

Sports controls type 2 diabetes, weight, lowers hypertension

Research by the Human Movement Sciences Dept. Virginia , USA has concluded that playing sports prevents type 2 diabetes, while helping diabetics to make the most of the insulin present in their body. They have also said that it can help in weight management since it burns excess calories in obese persons. Obesity is a big issue faced by millions of people paving the way to chronic conditions like cancer and heart diseases. Another research study by the National Health Service, UK suggests that physical activities like sports, could keep blood pressure normal and prevent hypertension ( High Blood Pressure) which may result in a stroke or heart disease.

Country poised for dengue outbreak

Health officials have warned of the possibility of a dengue outbreak in the country following the unstable weather conditions. Entomologists have reportedly warned that the mosquito density of several areas in the island was increasing due to heavy rains followed by short periods of sunshine.

Dengue Control Unit sources have said special attention should be paid to the Western Province, Batticaloa, Jaffna , Kurunegala and Kandy where there was a significant increase in dengue patients. They were reported to have said that regional and provincial hospitals in all high risk areas had been informed and a dengue alert sent to all heads requesting stricter surveillance and monitoring . They have also asked the public’s co-operation in countering this menace.

Counselling for youth on drug abuse

A counselling program to prevent the young generation from drug addiction was held at the Gangarama Ancient Buddhist Temple at Polatugaoda in Thihagoda, under the auspices of the Presidential Task Force, and the supervision of the Thihagoda Divisional Secretariat.