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CEA to monitor air pollution in Kandy

30 December, 2018

The Central Environment Authority ( CEA) plans to set up an air inspection unit in Kandy, reportedly one of Sri Lanka’s cities with a high rate of air pollution.

The unit, said to cost Rs 55 million, with the site provided by the Kandy Municipal Council, will reportedly collect data about air pollution at the George E. de Silva Park in Kandy and would be ready in January, CEA Chairman, Chandrarantne Pallegama has been quoted, as saying during a recent inspection tour of the construction work. Pallegama is reported to have said that the unit once completed, would obtain instant data to facilitate quick assessment of atmospheric conditions, especially, in the upper atmosphere. He has added that the CEA plans to set up a similar unit in Battharamulla shortly. Kandy’s Municipal Commissioner Chandana Tennakoon who was also present at the occasion, is reported to have said that even though there are reports about heavy air pollution in Kandy town, it could not be scientifically established. Once the unit is operational, they would be able to make an assessment of the true situation, he said.

S.L has largest eye donor bank in the world

Although we are a small country Sri Lanka holds the distinction of having the largest eye donor bank in the world, Speaker Karu Jayasuriya reportedly said at a ceremony where he was chief guest to celebrate National Eye Donation Day organised by the Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society, last week.

He was quoted as saying that despite various shortcomings in the country the level of interest shown by Sri Lankans to donate their eyes, showcased the country as a great nation, to the world. Following in the footsteps of his late parents who donated their eyes to the Bank, he said he too had signed up with the eye donation campaign to donate his eyes after his death. Apart from eyes , blood, kidney and donation of other body parts, he reportedly said he had started a hair donation campaign for cancer patients in the name of his late daughter, who died of cancer.

‘Don’t buy antibiotics from non A/C pharmacies’

Laboratory Services Deputy Director General Dr H.Beneragama has been quoted as warning the public not to purchase drugs from pharmacies which were not air conditioned . He said, maintaining the required temperature for drugs in pharmacies was essential to protect the effective time duration of these drugs. Addressing the Symposium on the containment of Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Prevention and Control held last week, at which the Minister of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine, Dr Rajitha Senerathne was chief guest, he was reported as saying that the use of antibiotic drugs were heavily misused in the country . He noted that some doctors both in private and even government facilities prescribe antibiotics unnecessarily to patients, while Ayurveda and Homoeopathy doctors as well as quack doctors prescribe antibiotics without proper knowledge or authority.

He emphasised that pharmacists should dispense drugs only on a prescription issued by a western qualified doctor, and stressed the need for patients to complete the full dose of the anti biotics prescribed by a qualified doctor in order to prevent antimicrobial resistance.

Health Services Director General, Dr Anil Jasinghe reportedly said, it had been estimated that antimicrobial resistances would cause 10 million deaths globally by 2050, noting that antibiotics which now save millions of lives globally, would become useless if misused or overused . He said, antimicrobial resistance was now on the rise in every region in the world. “If this trend continues sophisticated interventions such as, organ transplant, cancer chemotherapy and joint replacements would become more difficult and even dangerous”, he reportedly said.

Inter-religious group to go to court on waste dumping

An inter-religious group in Puttalam has reportedly said, they would go to court to get a ruling against the proposed dumping of waste from Colombo, in Puttalam. Ven. Bandiwewa Diyasesena thera , incumbent monk of the Sri Samudrasanna Temple, Kandakuliya, Kalpitia said, people living in areas close to the proposed site opposed the dumping of waste. Health Department sources on condition of anonymity told the Sunday Observer that haphazard dumping of waste, besides attracting crows, dogs, cats as well as the dengue carrying mosquito could cause serious health problems such as, bowel cancer if they contained chemicals in the form of used cell phones and batteries.

Pottuvil Base Hospital marks World No Tobacco Day

Pottuvil Base Hospital staffers conducted an awareness program to mark World No Tobacco Day last week. It was conducted under the theme, “Tobacco Breaks Hearts. Choose Health. Not Tobacco”. The program was conducted with the assistance of the offices of the Kalmunai Regional Director of Health Services ( RDHS) and Medical Officer of Health Services.

Drug prevention seminar raises awareness among underprivileged families

A seminar on drug prevention organised by the Wanathavilluma Divisional Secretariat was held under the patronage of the Divisional Secretariat last month in which over 150 members of high risk under privileged families from areas such as, Malaikkadama, Wjayapura and Serakuliya participated . Also, the Dept of Buddhist Affairs held an awareness program titled “Learning Environment at Home”at Wanathavilluma . The event was reported as highlighting the basic responsibilities of parents, and how parents should be vigilant of their children’s movements and extracurricular activities to prevent them from falling prey to anti social practices.

Meanwhile, the Kalutara Magistrate last week remanded twelve youths in connection with drug trafficking who had been arrested by the Kalutara Drug Eradication Unit following raids conducted at Bondupitiya, Thalgasgoda and Heegama.

Doc990 introduces ongoing appointment number feature

For the first time in Sri Lanka patients can now track the ongoing appointment number of their consultation with the doctor on their phone. Sources were reported to have said that by simply typing in the Doc990 reference number and their mobile number via the Doc990 ‘My Booking’ feature on the mobile app or website, they could check the appointment number currently receiving consultation from the doctor. They reportedly said the new value added services was to reduce the waiting time in a hospital to meet the doctor. According to sources the new services is expected to be extended to all leading private hospitals islandwide, in the near future.

Weighing yourself twice a week keeps those festive pounds away

Most people put on one or two pounds during the festive season and find it hard to rid themselves of those extra pounds afterwards. But scientists have found that simply stepping on the scales and weighing oneself, and keeping in mind some simple diet tips can help get rid of those stubborn pounds.

Meanwhile, new studies have endorsed the view that helping women to lose weight before they conceive is the only way to curb hereditary obesity and life threatening complications that come with it. The study affirms that a child’s risk of obesity are closely associated with the mother’s weight, and following healthy habits can reduce the risks associated with obesity during pregnancy, up to 75%. Local health authorities contacted by the Sunday Observer said the new findings were especially relevant to women during the festive season adding that even if a woman was already pregnant, minor lifestyle changes and disciplined food habits could help her lose weight and keep fit during pregnancy. Drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning also helps in getting rid of the body toxins, besides curbing the appetite, they noted.