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Medi-snippets: Parents guided on entering children for sporting events

20 January, 2019

The National Hospital Co-ordinator Pushpa Ramya De Soyzsa has advised parents to take precautions regarding the participation of schoolchildren in sporting events. “This is the sports season in most schools where sports meets, cricket matches and other games are being held. Parents must be careful to examine their health status properly before entering their children for these events, .

There have been incidents where children have fainted during the drills due to the heat or due to some pre-existing condition. So it is the duty of the parents to inform the school authorities and the coaches of such conditions when entering their children for these events”, she told the Sunday Observer. She also said that all schools whether private or state run, should only hire trained sports coaches with a basic knowledge of first aid.

New sports coaches to be recruited to state schools

Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam has reportedly said that the Cabinet has given the nod to recruit 3,850 sports coaches for state schools. Speaking at a press briefing at Kuliyapitiya last week, he noted that many schools lacked coaches, and was quoted as saying that interviews were held to recruit coaches but due to obstacles from Provincial Councils, the Education Ministry would recruit them to the Ministry and send them to Provincial national schools .

Health Ministry, Air Force sign MOU on organ transplant

A Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU) was signed last week at the Presidential Secretariat between the Health, Indigenous Medicine and Nutrition Ministry and the Air Force in connection with the transplanting of organs of dead persons.

The historic signing took place in the presence of President Maithrapala Sirisena who was the chief guest, Health Minister Dr Rajitha Seneratne, and several other important health officials and representatives of the Air Force.

So far the transport cost of organs obtained from brain dead persons are reportedly borne by the National Kidney Fund established by the President. It was reported that the organs obtained from brain dead persons, usually accident victims, was transported by aircraft to the Kandy General Hospital for transplants, since transporting organs would otherwise take too long a time which could affect the organs. Unnamed health officials said that at present, around 5-6 persons die daily in accidents and their organs were in good condition for transplantation. They said valuable lives could be saved by this program.

Sources said that arrangements are now being made to include consent to donate organs, in driving licences and the National Identity Card . Arrangements are also to be made to offer state sponsorship for funerals of organ donors in appreciation of their valuable deed.

Persons who wish to donate organs after becoming brain dead are advised to contact the Kandy General Hospital Organ Transplantation Coordination Centre or telephone 0812226522.

Beware of whitening creams NMRA warns

The National Medicines Regulatory Authority ( NMRA) has reportedly warned consumers against using fairness products advertised to be containing different formulations of glutathione. NMRA Chief Executive Officer Dr Kamal Jayasinghe has reportedly explained that it was important to heed the warning made with the consultation of the Sri Lanka College of Dermatologists.

He noted there was no evidence to support the use of intravenous glutathione as a cosmetic agent to improve skin tone and reduce pigmentation.

Considering the potential for serious adverse effects such use could be dangerous, he was quoted as saying. Although the topical and oral preparations of glutathione are claimed to be well distributed he said there is a paucity of evidence regarding their effectiveness and in the absence of clinical trial evidence the use of this substance could not be recommended.

The Sunday Observer learns that the NMRA has asked that the media abstains from promoting directly or indirectly glutathione as a skin whitening agent and has emphasised that all advertisements related to medical and cosmetic products that make therapeutic claims must obtain prior approval of the NMRA.

First trans oral endoscopic ultrasonic surgery successful

The first ever trans oral endoscopic ultrasonic surgery has reportedly been successfully performed by consultant Dr Rizny Sakkaf at the Homagama Base Hospital recently. Hospital sources have reportedly explained that the trans oral endoscopic surgery is a procedure designed for a minimally invasive approach to the upper aerodigestive lesion treatment based on the laparoscopic method with no cuts required for the procedure.

The patient was a 60 year old male whose cancer was detected three weeks before. Dr Sakkaf has reportedly said that the surgery could remove the cancer in a patient entirely if detected at the initial stage adding that around 95% of the cancer of the patient had been removed by the surgery. He is also said to have noted that complications are minimal with this method which was used in many countries, including the US.

Tax to control carbon emissions in air now in effect

The carbon tax to control carbon dioxide emissions , a harmful component causing air pollution leading to respiratory illnesses and global warming, is effective from January 1, Motor Traffic Commissioner General Jagath Chandrasiri has reportedly said.

Addressing the media at the RMV premises last week he was quoted as saying that the new tax was one of the proposals introduced in the Budget Speech 2018 under the blue green economy aimed at reducing environmental risks and ecological imbalances and reduce environmental risks that cause illnesses. The proposed tax will be based on the engine capacity of motor vehicles with the rate depending on age and fuel type of the vehicle. The tax however is not applicable to electric vehicles.

Tips to maintain good mental health

Following news reports that one in two Lankans suffer from some mental illness, we give readers some useful tips given by pyschologists.

1.Develop a good opinion of yourself to boost self esteem.

2. Regular exercise reduces anxiety , stress

3. Eat balanced nutritious meals.

4. Get enough sleep as lack of sleep affects mental health causing emotion and pyschological problems.