CID on the hunt for VIPs who backed Makandure Madhush | Sunday Observer

CID on the hunt for VIPs who backed Makandure Madhush

12 May, 2019

The data in the phones used by Makandure Madhush and his accomplice Kanjipani Imran, are being analysed by the CID to find the VIPs who had backed the drug lord and benefited from his black money.

The Dubai sleuths who arrested Madhush and Kanjupani, have seized 20 mobile phones used by the duo to carry out their underworld operations in Sri Lanka, authoritative sources said.

The CID officers believe the phones would help unravel many crimes committed by the suspects and lead them to the top politicians and police officers who have helped the drug lord to flee Sri lanka in June 2015 and carry out his business in hiding.

The investigations have revealed that a top politician had escorted Madhush to the airport in 2015 to see to his safe flight and that the same person may be behind the case in the Supreme Court challenging Madhush’s extradition to Sri Lanka.

This suspicion has been given wings as Madhush had denied that he filed a case in the Court to prevent his deportation, to the CID interrogators here. Since his extradition on May 5, Madhush has been questioned at the CID headquarters.

Madhush who left the country under the pseudonym, Ajith Aranga Warnakulasuriya, on tourist visa, had managed to obtain Dubai investor visa in 2016 and become the owner of a multi-storeyed apartment complex in that country.

The phones seized from homes of Madhush and Kanjipani Imran, were handed over to the CID team that went to Dubai to escort Madhush to Sri Lanka.

Madhush was held under tight security after the Government informed that the suspect in their custody was wanted for plotting to murder the Sri Lankan President, in addition to having serious drug and murder charges. Following this communication, Madhush was transferred to a different cell and had been kept in solitary confinement. Madush had confessed that he was kept in a dark room for 20 days leading to his deportation. Even his wife had not been permitted to visit him.

Madhush returned in a Sri Lankan airlines flight, and was taken in a van with tinted glasses to the CID headquarters under heavily armed guards.

He was mainly grilled on the suspected plot to kill President Maithripala Sirisena and former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and his links to Chief Terrorism Investigation Division DIG Nalaka de Silva.

It is said that at one time Madhush had connived with the LTTE and Islamic extremist groups in the East.

He had allegedly connived with the LTTE to kill former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. He is wanted for the murder of former Chairman, Southern Development Board, Danny Hittatiya.