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Happy Mother's Day

12 May, 2019

LOVE and MOTHER are synonymous and both resonate the other. Actually, words cannot really do justice to this unique person, MOTHER.

Having a special day for this priceless person sounds alright, and of course, she deserves it! But showing her the love you have for her in your heart on a day reserved for her is not what she really deserves. The very idea of having a Mothers’ Day is to celebrate her love and to share our thoughts on our mothers . The rest of the 364 days of the year are the unannounced days of constant compassion, caring and respect for her.

Today, May 12 is Mothers’ Day. The tradition of dedicating this day in the name of all the mothers and motherhood originated in the US. People celebrate Mothers’ Day on different dates following different concepts. In Ethiopia , Mothers’ Day is celebrated with family gatherings and feasting while in some countries mothers are given a day off from household chores. In Sri Lanka, we love to make it a memorable day for our mothers by showing our love and gratitude to them in our own way.

Sharing their brief thoughts on International Mothers’ day, a few artistes spoke to the Youth Observer on how we can make this day a remembrance of that everything that our mothers mean to us.

Ridma Weerawardana

I think a day like this is ‘just’ a day. Why should we wait till it’s Mother’s day to love her back with all the love she showered upon us?

Kavindya Adhikari

“Actually I think this day doesn’t make any difference in the way I treat and care for my mother because I always try my best to make her happy. I buy her the things she loves and of course buying her those things from the money I have earned makes me happy too. That’s how I can at least try to pay for everything she did for me. That way every day is like Mothers’ Day for both of us.

Michelle Dilhara

Having a Mothers’ Day is a good thing and it makes us feel that we really need to realise the worth of a mother when we have them by our side. But how can we confine the love of a mother to a single day? Is one day enough to recall and celebrate the memories she gave you?