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Sports Federations Society formed to fight corruption

2 June, 2019

Ten leading sports organizations in Sri Lanka launched a movement named the Association of Sports Federations Society (ASFS) last Wednesday in Colombo in the presence of the Director General of the Sports Ministry Dhammika Muthugala.

The aim of the newly formed body is to combine all administrators of sports bodies to introduce a multi sports culture in the country while promoting sports to reach higher levels to achieve international standards while battling corruption.

Muthugala addressing the gathering stated that Sri Lanka had failed in the past few years in all sectors of sports.

“It is highly visible that our sportsmen and women have failed due to mismanagement by governing bodies connected with sports. They pay attention only to a selected area covering the Colombo suburbs rather than moving to the outstations to find the best talent available and bring them to higher levels,” said Muthugala.

He said that parents of sportsmen and women come to him requesting for air tickets and since September last year the Sports Ministry had spent a sum of R. 12 million on air tickets alone which he said has been brought down to Rs.1.2 million.

Muthugala said there was enough money allocated for sports development which has been utilized by officials for foreign tours.

“The money utilized for foreign travel can be minimized and channeled towards a better cause for the development of sportsmen and women,” Muthugala said.

He revealed that Rs. 75 million had been allocated for the Kreeda Shakthi project but only a million rupees had been used thereby neglecting the need to enlist expert foreign coaches.

Founder president of the ASFS Rohan Fernando said that his organization would promote sports in the country minus corruption for a healthy and disciplined society.

“The ASFS is open to all sports governing bodies and the public who need to get involved in sports as well as eradicate corruption in sports,” said Fernando.

The general secretary is Prithi Perera while the treasurer is Ajith Siyabalapitiya.

The Founder members are Sri Lanka Archery Association, Sri Lanka Athletics Association, Sri Lanka Boxing Federation, Sri Lanka Canoeing Association, Sri Lanka Fencing Association, Sri Lanka Football Federation, Sri Lanka Modern Penthathlon Association, Sri Lanka Rowing Association, Equestrian Federation and Winter Sports Association.