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Kings Hospital opts for customer centric approach

13 October, 2019

Having a customer centric approach to provide quality service at an affordable cost, Kings Hospital which is managed by a dedicated team of medical professionals has entered the healthcare sector to make a difference in service delivery.

“We are the newcomers to the local healthcare sector and have identified the need to provide quality healthcare services at a reasonable charges to customers. To this end we will have a customer centric approach where agreed upon packages will stand good despite of additional costs incurred due to complications,” Head of Medical Services, Kings Hospital, Dr. Shani de Silva said.

While striving to become a centre of excellence in every aspect, this ultra specialty centre offers services of international standard.

The hospital is an ultra-modern multispecialty hospital and brainchild of leading doctors who are bound by a common vision to provide first-rate health care for patients.

Kings is founded on the philosophy of patient-centricity combined with compassion, integrity and ethics to serve its patrons in the true spirit of the brand. Kings has attracted leading medical professionals with world-class expertise, who are also specialists in all branches of medicine.

The availability of a specialty hospital, such as Kings in Colombo will eliminate the need to look overseas for better technology, infrastructure and medical services, as Kings has developed its services to be of the highest level and on par with hospitals in other countries such as Singapore.

The medical professionals at Kings are backed strongly by an empowering environment, ultra-modern equipment and ancillary support system to deliver the best possible health care to patients.

The hospital is geared to provide value-based healthcare, namely, the best clinical outcomes at the most favourable cost. Kings has a clear vision from the inception to utilise the most modern technology to drive innovative high-quality patient care to differentiate the hospital and attract high-quality specialist talent.

The 120-bed hospital has a patient-friendly contemporary design, keeping in mind the unique needs of various categories of patients and their families, combined with a soothing ambience. The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) complex is equipped with 33 Beds and consists of a Neo Natal ICU, a modern General ICU and a state-of-the-artCardiac ICU.

The Hospital offers specialty consultations and comprehensive care in the OPD, Emergency Treatment Unit, Radiology, and surgical services, including Urological, Orthopedicand Gastrointestinal Services, Dental solutions, Cardiac and Chest Units along with outpatient day surgery. Kings possesses leading-edge surgical Theatres and Labour Suites, along with a dialysis center, an infusion facility, a wound clinic and a retail pharmacy.

Kings is poised to launch a unique service - Electronic Medical Records, which immediately update the patient’s condition at the time of the first contact with the Hospital, so that the patient need not repeat the information at every visit. All information will be digitally stored, including the patient’s blood test reports, ECGs, radiological studies and even scans, which will facilitate the attending doctor to gain a clear advantage in understanding the patient’s current condition and avoid irrelevant and unnecessary investigations.

Also, a new policy within the group of specialists at Kings is “across the board referrals” done immediately by one consultant to another over the phone, without extra charge to the patient. This is a great improvement on the current practice where the referral is written to a particular doctor, resulting in long, very often, painful and frustrating delays for the patients.

Continuous quality improvement xxis a declared priority and with a comprehensivereal time health information system in place and the knowledge it generates about its patients and services, Kings will be able closely monitor and improve its all-round performance over time.

The leadership team of the Hospital is focused upstream on overall health and well-being, from hospital care to prevention, disease management and community health. Kings cares for patients long after they leave its premises, proactively engaging with them to address what patients need even before they get to the Hospital, what they will need after they leave, and will foster and oversee the whole continuum of care. Kings will connect with family physicians and colleagues in the fraternity, inviting them into a seamless partnership in the best interests of the patients.

Kings operates its own nurses’ training school with a well-qualified training team to ensure its nursing, clinical and technical staff meets the highest standards of patient care.