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A cuppa tea Sri Lankan style

5 January, 2020

The Tea Avenue at One Galle Face Mall is quite suitable for a casual hangout.

The first thing you will be greeted with when you enter this chic restaurant is the blend of soothing yellow and brown hues, and a warm welcome by the staff. Then immediately you will feel more at home.

The fourth installation, and the latest in the Tea Avenue chain, is located opposite the Galle Road right outside the One Galle Face Mall. Along with the mall’s grand opening the restaurant opened its doors to customers on November 8. Unlike its other outlets, the new Tea Avenue is open from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm from Sunday through Thursday and from 10.00 am to midnight on Friday and Saturday.

“Old World, New Charm” a statement on a wall hanging is a more realistic statement for this restaurant itself.

The Youth Observer first tried a Portuguese Grilled Chicken, one of the newest additions to the Tea Avenue menu. With backed vegetables and a perfectly cooked chicken on carrot puree and a sprinkle of spices (we were told the spices were a special mix) the dish was a wonderful delight. It blended perfectly with Standard 36 milk tea one usually tries when at Tea Avenue. Legends say if you fail to try a cup of Standard 36 at Tea Avenue you are missing a ton in life.

Waffles with egg and pol sambol was an excellent way to localise an otherwise popular western dish, and it tantalises every taste bud. It looked as good as it tasted too. Eggs Benedict chicken sausage was one of the best choices we were presented with.

However, the Popcorn Lavish topped it all. Popcorn soaked in sweet sweet caramel makes this drink an experience of its own. And if you are a caramel fan then we suggest you to try out Tea Avenue’s Salted Caramel Pudding, which has the best blend of sugar and salty tastes in their best combinations.

Then on their cosy furniture with the perfect view (and the feel of the sea just across but not visible from the restaurant) you can chill, take time with the perfect culinary experience and even take Instagram worthy pictures if you feel like it.