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19 January, 2020

Beware of fabricated messages regarding new type of flu

Health Services Director General Dr Anil Jasinghe has denounced as fabricated the message circulating on social media purported to be a notice from the Health Ministry, about an outbreak of influenza caused by an unidentified new virus in Sri Lanka.

He was allegedly quoted by the media as saying that the Health Ministry had issued no such statement and urged the public not to panic. He explained that the influenza that occurs at present is the usual seasonal influenza that occurs at this time of the year. Referring to the health impacts, the media report cautions the public to take certain precautions if they fall into the high risk category. Persons in high risk categories such as older people ( above 65 years ) or very young children ( below 2 years), pregnant women, lactating mothers, people with suppressed immunity and those with chronic obstructive airway, heart, kidney and metabolic diseases as well as those who have recently undergone major surgery should seek medical treatment from a qualified doctor, as their health conditions could deteriorate due to the seasonal influenza. If people in high risk categories avoid crowded places during this season, the disease could be controlled more effectively, he noted.

Don’t be misled by social media circulating false messages. Contact the Health Ministry if you need clarification, health sources said.

Global Fund to provide assistance for Sri Lanka

Health Ministry sources were quoted as saying that the funds from the Global Fund with the assistance of the German government are to be used to modernise all laboratories in state hospitals and to provide 10 digital Xray machines as well, Global Fund Project Director ( Sri Lanka) Pubudu de Zoyza was quoted as saying during a recent meeting with Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi.

Since 2003 Global Fund has provided 18.3 billion rupees to Sri Lanka to control TB, malaria and sexually transmitted diseases. The projects are aimed at eliminating HIV/AIDS from the country by 2025 and TB by 2030.

Projects funded by Global Fund for the period 2019 to 2022 are now in progress in Sri Lanka, Health Ministry sources were quoted as saying.