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Lighthouses in Sri Lanka

9 February, 2020
Kevuliya - Round Island Lighthouse
Kevuliya - Round Island Lighthouse

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The Barberyn Island Lighthouse

Also known as the Maradana Beruwala Lighthouse the Barberyn Island lighthouse was built in 1889 by the British to prevent ships and boats coming to harm on the dangerous reefs and waters around Beruwala on the south western coast of Sri Lanka. It was first operated by Britain’s Imperial Lighthouse Service and after Independence it was managed by Sri Lanka. Today, the Ports Authority manages all Sri Lankan lighthouses. It stands on a beautiful, tropical island eight acres in extent and is about half a mile offshore from Beruwala and can be reached by a short boat ride.

The lighthouse stands on the highest point in the island and the road leading to it is covered with crushed sea shells. It is 112 feet in height (34 m) and is a round, white, conical granite tower. It was upgraded in 1969 and 2000. The Barberyn Island is linked by computer to other lighthouses in the country and is one of Sri Lanka’s four international lighthouses.

Near the lighthouse is a dilapidated clay roofed shack dating from British times. It has wide gaps where once windows may have been and these offer fantastic views of the Ocean and beach.

The Point Pedro Lighthouse

Point Pedro is the northernmost town in Sri Lanka and the Point Pedro lighthouse was built in 1916. Built with masonry (brick and stone) the conical shaped light house has a beacon and a light gallery. Its height is 32 feet. Painted white so that it can be seen better, the lighthouse can beam a white flash every five seconds and it can be seen up to 10 nautical miles. This lighthouse is inactive now.

Kevuliya or Round Island Lighthouse

Built in 1863 the Kevuliya Round Island Lighthouse is built on top of a small, rocky hill on top of a island in the Trincomalee Bay and in the outer harbour area. It is inactive now but used to send out three red or white flashes every 15 seconds. The colour of the flash depended on the direction

in which it was beamed. The tower is 21 metres tall and cylindrical in shape. Like all the other lighthouses in Sri Lanka this is also managed by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

Battiicaloa Lighthhouse

The Batticaloa Lighthouse is located at the tip of a sand bar near the estuary (where a lagoon or river meet the ocean) at Palameenmadu, Batticaloa and the road is named Bar Road. Built by the British in 1913 this 28 metres tall lighthouse is narrower than most other Lighthouses in Sri Lanka. The locals call it Muttuwaran meaning where the lagoon meets the sea in Tamil. It has five windows, a lantern and a gallery. There are ladders to climb to the top where you get a magnificent view of the surrounding area including the Thoppigala mountain.