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9 February, 2020

Tall ,slim, beautiful and confident she walked with poise and grace towards the foyer of the majestic Mount Lavinia Hotel. She was none other than Twinkle Goonethilake Miss Sri Lanka 2019 for Miss. Intercontinental 2019.

This twenty four year old lissome lass wowed an international audience with her lovely looks and her traditional Sri Lankan attire- the osariya (Kandyan Saree).

When asked what made her apply for the Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Intercontinental beauty pageant she said, “initially it was a newspaper article which captured my interest-then I checked the pageant, web site. Meanwhile, my friends and my mother too had got to know about the pageant and urged me to apply. In fact, my mother insisted upon my applying and I did so”

It was thus that Twinkle Goonethilake found herself at Hotel Galadari on September 30, 2019 vying among many other lovely lasses for a place among the final 16 of this beauty contest. Beautiful Twinkle shone at the audition and made it to the final 16, proving that a mother’s loving faith was firm and true.

From there on it was a period of hectic activity for Twinkle and her fellow finalists under the guidance of franchise holder, Roshan Perera and Creative Director, Rozanne Dias. The theme was ‘beauty and the power of beauty’. There were several mini contests and Twinkle with her poise and grace was crowned ‘Catwalk Queen. Also included in the program were activities such as aqua sports at a hotel in Wadduwa.

“All what we did helped build my confidence and poise and helped us bond together as sisters in beauty and work as a team said Twinkle dewy eyed as she recalled fond memories.

The glittering finale of the local pageant was held on November 7, 2019 at Hotel Galadari.

Though her confidence and poise had increased, Twinkle felt a little uncertain as she viewed all the other beautiful contestants vying for the coveted title of Miss. Sri Lanka 2019 for Miss Intercontinental 2019.

“We also had a Question and Answer session. The questions were very simple and answering them was no problem especially with Dhanu Innasithamby’s masterful handling of the session ‘ said Twinkle.

Of the 16 hopeful girls that evening seven made the final seven slots and Twinle Goonathilaka was up there with the best of them.

Among all the glitter and glamour of the finale, Twinkle turned and twirled on the ramp in a rose gold dress by Kanishka Dias to dazzle the audience and captivate the judges. Among the judges were Karen Gallman from the Philippines, the Miss.Intercontinental 2018, renowned fashion and bridal designer Michael Wijesuriya, Singer Kisahni Jayasinghe and Dr. Janaka Edirisinghe.

When the much awaited announcement of the winner was made Twinkle was amazed and thrilled beyond words. “At first, I could not believe it and wondered whether I was hearing it right. Then I saw my family and friends cheering , especially my mother and was finally convinced I had won.” Twinkle was crowned by Karen Gallman.

Twinkle had kept her participation in the pageant under wraps till the last moment. It was then that she had asked her family members and friends to come and support her at the pageant. “When I saw them in the audience rooting for me , especially my mother I felt all my confidence returning” confessed Twinkle.

Hard on the heels of the glittering Finale came the great preparations for the International Pageant. Twinkle was supported right through by Franchise Holder Roshan Perera and Creative Director Rozanne Dias. Hr national dress was created by Manjula of Indumala Designs, an osariya in dark rose gold worn with traditional Kandyan jewellery.

The fifth of December 2019 saw Twinkle taking wing to Egypt – to the offshore island of Shalim – el- Sheikh to participate in the Miss Intercontinental 2019 Pageant. The venue was the luxury Sunrise Montemare Resort on the island.

At Shalem – el –Sheikh the contestants were ably guided by international choreographer Hector Joaquin who was also very strict. Again the focus was on beauty.” Whether it was outdoor activities like go karting, boat experience and playing in the waterfall or cocktails and parties the focal point was beauty and the power of beauty” said Twinkle. Discipline was strictly enforced and we could not wander on our own. We had to inform our chaperones and they were with us at all times .But it certainly was an experience of a life time”.

The three weeks Twinkle spent at the international pageant helped boost her confidence, increase her poise and gain an in-depth knowledge of the power of beauty. I do not know whether I will take part in beauty pageants again but if ever I do this experience has equipped me well to face any other future pageants.

On the final evening Twinkle walked on stage in her rose gold osariya to the cheers of an appreciative audience. Miss Intercontinental 2018, Karen Goldman was among the distinguished international panel of judges.

Ninety contestants from seven continents took part in the event and Fanni Miko of Hungary was crowned Miss Intercontinental 2019.

The only, beloved child of Gothami (chartered secretary) and Priyantha (businessman) Goonethilake, Twinkle is an old girl of Visaka Vidyalaya, Colombo. She subsequently studied fashion design in the Mecca of fashion, Paris and graduated from the Indian Institute of Fashion and Technology, Bangalore, India. Back home in Sri Lanka she joined the American National College as a counselor.

After her close encounter with fashion and beauty at the two pageants it is no wonder that Twinkle has changed tracks and taken to designing clothes . Her brand named Fashion Panache has just got off the ground and retails on line. Twinkle is planning further expansion in the near future.

Speaking of beauty pageants in Sri Lanka she said they are very well done but needs more work to reach the exacting international standards. Her advice to would be beauty Queen aspirants, ‘work hard, be yourself but pay meticulous attention to details like grooming and poise.

Twinkle expresses her heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped her.

Good luck Twinkle. May you be a bright star in the firmament of fashion here and abroad.