Sri Lanka cricket scorers appeal for financial help | Sunday Observer

Sri Lanka cricket scorers appeal for financial help

26 April, 2020

The Sri Lanka Cricket Scores Association (SLCSA) has requested financial assistance from Sri Lanka Cricket for 16 of its members who are full time scorers and now out of work due to the coronavirus lockdown.

In a letter signed by its president Sanjaya Jayasinghe and secretary Jagath Premachandra, the SLCSA has said that the 16 scorers have no means of support due to the current situation.

The letter states that Sri Lanka Cricket pays match fees for scorers ranging from Rs 5000 to Rs. 9000 and as of this moment they should have received payments ranging from Rs.15,000 to Rs. 24,000 if not for the present state of affairs.

The SLCSA has a total strength of 200 members and 16 of them are in a serious financial situation as they depend on matches for sustenance.

Sri Lanka Cricket has already made arrangements to assist cricket umpires as well as cricket clubs caught up in this situation.