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Democracy and other iffy labels of the age of fake

14 June, 2020

The murder of a single human being in a time-encapsulated moment in a single nation coalesced the killing of millions of people over hundreds of years in all nations for purpose as mere, transient and foul as a few pats on the back, a few dollars more, a few seconds of power over another living creature into a single, globe-encompassing scream of hurt and hate.

Riding over the wave of a pandemic of death by accident is the now starkly visible tsunami of a pandemic of death by intent that has hitherto been kept hidden through forcible, manipulative, strategic and vicious use of labels and their attendant paraphernalia of misinformation, disinformation, platitudes and lies.

Corona and most other spike crowned reapers of souls come, kill, leave. At least that has been their way over the last 400 years or so. Not these. Most, if not all of these came to cure, mutated into self-preservation, graduated into murder, stayed to kill, killed and continue to kill. All, in the name of? Life.

Folks, I am talking about democracy, aristocracy, autocracy, meritocracy, Juristocracy, communism, socialism, globalism, you name it, you get it, the sum lot, the total blot of governance “acy”s and “isms” of the world.

As ideas, they were all fantastic. As amorphously espoused and practiced by blobs of beings they were bloody brilliant. As actionables propagated by micro-clusters of human critters, they were cathartic. But then, in a short while, they were not so good, not so great, not so groundbreaking.

What happened is common knowledge, but let us remind ourselves of how things fell apart. They fell apart, paradoxically, because people tried to takes these things that were given birth by communal intuition and piecewise need and tried to build them into systems. Systems with do’s and don’ts, rules and regulations, and, most dangerously, friends and enemies with strengths, weaknesses and combinations of the two.

Lost sight

Over time, as the numbers within a given system grew through belief, reason, force or default, we gradually started to lose sight of why these things existed in the first place and arrived finally at that apex, that pinnacle, that structural behemoth of mediocrity – institutionalised governance. Once we got there, we all know what happened next. The institution, its methods, its means becomes more important than the reason why they became in the first place. The preservation of a structural integrity of the system became more important than fidelity to the idea that gave rise to it.

To preserve a process at the cost of its stated goal is not that hard folks. Regardless of the specifics of the systematised “acy” or “ism”, once institutionalised, they all had a common set of self-preserving mechanisms or um…ills if you may. All had a constitution and/or a set of dictates and/or a set of agreements at the highest level, all had a legal engine that mandatorily included enforcement agents and agencies and finally, all, without exception had a mechanism of overt and covert indoctrination whose primary goal was to get the people meshed into a system to stop thinking and start believing.

Why do that? Well, it is because institutionalised action is not collective action. But hold on right there. Are we not told that institutions represent the will of the people? Explicitly in democracy and implicitly in others? The operative word there is “told”. We are informed of a fact that has been tested repeatedly and found to have failed. Failed because of the most vicious fib ever perpetrated on humankind by humankind – that the supposed representatives of a collective, ensconced within an institution or high office or whatever label given to them - will always do the will of those they are supposed to speak for.

The reality? They will speak on behalf of those they represent only as a very last resort. They would all, by default, renege on their promise for expedience, continuance in power and the continuance of the institutions that allowed them to get the recognition, the kudos, the perks. To validate that anomaly, they built up the institutionalised methodology for creative lying on one hand, and, enforcement thuggery on the other. Working closely with business, academic, social and media interests, that minority in every nation, create and recreate a network of fallacies. They have perfected the art over the last eight decades until people will kill rather than question the specific governance system that feed them this opium. The age of fake is the best way to describe our world, it has been thriving for decades, and the people, remember the people? They’ve been had. Hook. Line. Sinker.

Back in 2012, I discussed this matter with my friend Kumi Nessiah and possible responses to this global pandemic of lies and he promptly said anarchy. I was a bit taken aback until I realised that the “common man’s idea of anarchy” with destructive lawlessness, no central authority is actually something that has been planted in the subconscious reaches of the minds of people by the institutionalised governance systems themselves. The actual meaning of anarchy is the mandatorily leaderless, constructively lawless, multiple micro-group collective consciousness striking against every facet, every form, every instrument and every method designed to create a fantasy world of systemic falsehoods.

First blows

Men like Julian Assange and the global cracker/hacker communes struck the first blows by exposing the extent, meanness and viciousness of the global net of lies. Movements such as the Yellow Vests provided the world with an example of the potent power of leaderless revolt and such causes and the meToo and Black Lives Matter movements took the narrative and the action to historic, globe encompassing levels. While there are no leaders to these efforts, the simple beauty of peace-based anarchy is that each person understands their individual haves and have nots, takes leadership as and when required and relinquishes it immediately after the requirement is satisfied.

The guy with a bit of cash sets up a medical table to aid activists. A nurse pops in to lead the first-aid givers. A woman with creative skills paints graffiti or motifs. A child who can speak well rallies the crowd to a common cause. They do these things simply, honestly, with no need for the rewards commonly associated with “civilised behaviour” of the institutionally entrapped such as heh … promotions, bragging rights, power, money. To engage thus at the highest level of humanness requires only humanness not designation, degree or dominion. In that engagement comes the most important definition of an individual – no human is inferior, equal, or superior to another. Humans? Are. And because they all are, they all do, running the gamut of human reasons and human emotions for the good of all.

The institutions are scrambling all of their forces to close the cracks through which their lies were exposed. The words that founded the age of fake like “law and order”, “enforcement”, “constitution”, “vote” are being used a thousand times a day and with each successive use, their potency is weakened, their meanness and insult more exposed. Anarchy rules these days across the world because it refuses to believe as it is told to believe, do as it is told to do. One moment it is marching with a collective shriek of horror, the next moment asking for a dismantling of enforcement agencies, the third moment silently paying respects to the dead.

They needed no constitution or social training or rule of law to tell them how to behave well in any given situation. They knew because they are human and they have not bartered that humanness for institutional convenience.

Their message simple. We don’t need anymore “acy”s or “ism”s. We need truth.