Oppo launches three headphone models in Sri Lanka | Sunday Observer

Oppo launches three headphone models in Sri Lanka

Oppo launched three new headphone models in Sri Lanka recently. They are the Enco Free, Enco W31 and Enco M31. These products are part of Oppo’s mission to “bring outstanding user experiences to Sri Lankan consumers through innovative, high-quality products.”

The Enco Free headphone is a wireless audio product since its entry into the IoT business and claiming as “more than a smartphone company” in 2019, positioned as the most smartphone-oriented of the brand’s headphones.

The headphones use binaural low-latency Bluetooth transmission to achieve latency as low as 120ms (laboratory data using Reno3 Pro 5G version), among the lowest in the industry. Lower transmission latency corresponds to higher audio-visual synchronization and less connection interference.

The headphones are also compatible with almost every smartphone on the market.

The Enco W31 headphones are a more economical alternative that also uses binaural low-latency Bluetooth transmission and is compatible with most smartphones. On top of that, with extra-secure in-ear design, stronger water and dust resistance, these headphones are introduced as “keeping up with even the most active and dynamic users.”The headphones also contain anti–wind noise chambers, two internal high-sensitivity microphones on each side, and an environmental noise cancellation algorithm designed to block out background noise during calls.

The Enco M31 headphones are Oppo’s second neckband-style wireless headphones, following the Oppo Enco Q1 headphones. The headphones are classified as a high-resolution audio product. The headphones also incorporate an AI algorithm intended to reduce background noise during calls.