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Former Sunday Observer Design Editor is no more:

Rajitha’s passion for colour and photography stood out

27 September, 2020

Mahil! Do you have any news picture for this week’s page one? This was is a frequently asked question by Rajitha on Saturday evening.

I still recall Rajitha walking briskly to my desk in the Sunday Observer Graphic Department and touch my shoulders and I show him the pictures on the computer screen. He walks several times to the Photo Department and if he couldn’t select a good picture for page one, he approached me. He knew for certain that I would have newsworthy pictures for Sunday Observer page one.

A perfectionist, Design Editor, he never accepted any work that did not meet his expectations. His Graphic Department and the printing machines were at the far ends of the office, and I remember doing innumerable trips to and fro with printouts till he was satisfied with the tone and detail to make the final print of the paper.

As a graphic artist, I had to show him every graphic I had done and he would examine every detail minutely and give his expert comments, even if it had to be altered several times.

A far-sighted professional, he saw the dominance of the visual media way back in the 1980s and wanted us to be prepared. At one point, he handed me an InDesign tutorial book and asked me to study it.

He was constantly in touch with our graphic designers and artists during his tenure as the Design head of the Sunday Observer until he migrated to Australia, often commenting on them correcting their lapses after seeing our work.

His command on colour and photographic reproduction was unmatched. He was constantly updating his knowledge via the internet, passing on any interesting developments to the graphic artists and designers.

Rajitha was undoubtedly a source of inspiration to the Sunday Observer’s Graphic Department staffers until he left our shores for Australia where he passed away. His demise has left a void, which can never be filled.

Rajitha Udawatte, the former Design Editor of the Sunday Observer who was domiciled in Australia passed away on Sunday, September 20. His funeral was held on Friday at Kempsey, New South Wales. He was a committed employee who won the hearts of his colleagues at Lake House. He leaves his wife Florence and four children.

Rajitha was a past student of Piliyandala Central College.

May he attain the supreme bliss of Nirwana!

– Mahil and Sunday Observer staff