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Susan George Pulimood memorial oration

27 September, 2020

The 30th annual Susan George Pulimood Memorial Oration of Visakha Vidyalaya, will be held on Tuesday, October 6 at 5 pm. at the Jeremias Dias Hall, Visakha Vidyalaya, Vajira Road, Colombo 5.

The event which was scheduled for July was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

This year, the oration will be delivered by Dr. Champa Priyadarsini Banagala (nee Kaluarchchi), Consultant Ophthalmologist, National Eye Hospital (1989-2013).

The subject of the oration is ‘Novel Era of Eye Care: Marvels and Concerns’ Due to the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic special safety guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health will be followed.

All participants are advised to wear a mask and wash their hands before entering the premise.

Seating will be arranged as per the guidelines of the health authorities.