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New Year Message

10 January, 2021

Hello Children,

This year is different from others as we are battling the Covid-19 pandemic and therefore, have to be very careful. Therefore, we cannot be as carefree as we were in the past years.

It is very important to keep to the health guidelines such as wearing a proper mask, washing hands frequently and keeping the one metre distance. In addition, it is vital to follow other guidelines too.

When you go to school in a few days time, please remember the health guidelines. As delightful as it is to see your friends please do not rush to hug them. Keep your distance for your own and their sakes. Always wear your mask and wash and sanitise your hands. It is a good idea to carry a hand sanitiser with you.

Your studies have been interrupted many a time in 2020. Zoom classes and work sheets have helped but now you are back to proper studies. Do focus on them and make up for lost time and work. While concentrating on new work devote some time to revising past work till you catch up with all of it. As unpleasant as it is try to avoid or minimise hanging out with friends, picnics, parties and other such events.

Do all you can to help others, especially those in the frontline of the battle against the pandemic and those who are less fortunate.

Let us all join hands to rid our Motherland of Covid-19 and make it the beautiful and safe land it was.