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From beauty pageant to entrepreneurship

21 February, 2021

Many of us long for the opportunity to follow and achieve our dreams. Miss Reena Silva, a young Sri Lankan model is one of the fortunate people who had the opportunity of achieving one of her main dreams in life.

She courageously faced challenges and achieved her dream of entering a beauty pageant as well as her dream of starting and running her own beauty salon.

Reena represented Sri Lanka on the international stage for pageantry in 2019 at the Miss British Empire competition at the Mount Lavinia Hotel.

In an interview with the Youth Observer, Miss Silva explains her journey within the field of pageantry, her experiences as a contestant at an internationally recognised beauty pageant and her career as a model and entrepreneur.

Q: You represented Sri Lanka at the Miss British Empire competition in 2019. What can you say about the competition?

A: I was privileged to have this opportunity given to me by Nuwandika Siriwardena. It was a great experience in my young life, and I thank everyone who supported me in this journey through which I earned the titles of Miss British Empire, Elegant Cleopatra, and Miss Photogenic. Honestly it was a challenge but I was happy to accept it and it gave me a lot of confidence and experience to move forward with my other aspirations.

Q: What was your experience as a representative of our country with regard to the competition?

A: Although it’s good that there are pageants organised for young women like me to gain confidence and experience in the industry, I think it would be best for other girls and women in general, to develop through participation.

Q: How did you decide to enter the contest?

A: As I said, I always aspired to participate in beauty pageants. One of my dreams was to participate in an international pageant. I am very happy that my dream came true.

Q: What lessons did you learn by representing Sri Lanka on an international stage?

A: One of the main lessons I learned was the value of etiquette. I was also able to experience and realise the value of the bond that forms between competitors. I wish my competitors the best of luck in all their future endeavours.

Q: You are a successful model. What can you share about your overall journey and the hardships you have faced with regard to your career as a model?

A: Although people usually only see the glamorous side of the industry, it takes a lot of commitment and hard work. There is a lot to be developed in this industry. The industry needs to be recognised more within the country, in order for our country to be recognised on an internationally recognised platform. Something I would love to see in the near future, is a Sri Lankan proudly representing us on a Versace runway.

Q: You are also a successful entrepreneur as you founded a beauty salon. What can you tell us about having your own beauty salon and has doing so been a dream of yours?

A: I have to thank all my clients and all my previous bosses who actually gave me the opportunity, strength, courage and confidence to enhance my talent and launch my own business. I’m currently running my beauty salon in Mount Lavinia and of course I believe with support, I will be able to expand my business further. I look forward to opening e branches in the near future in order fulfill a strong dream I have always had; making people beautiful.

Q: Finally, what would you say comes next for you in life or what do you hope to achieve in the near future?

A: I aspire to be the best that I can be. I hope to face any challenges and burdens that I may face in the future bravely and with confidence. I also hope to chase and achieve another dream of mine in the future.