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Motivation triggers action

21 March, 2021

As long as you are struggling without a sense of motivation, you find that your entire life is stagnant where your sub-consciousness would shun your potential of reaching at targets in life.

In that light, motivation, a celebrated noun in the English language comes into your rescue. As stated by Jeffrey S. Nevid in his book of “Essentials of Psychology: Concepts and Applications”, motivation is defined as follows; “The term motivation refers to factors that activate, direct, and sustain goal-directed behavior. Motives are the ‘whys’ of behaviour – the needs or wants that drive behaviour and explain what we do. We don’t actually observe a motive; rather, we infer that one exists based on the behaviour we observe”.

Motivation could be identified as an innermost desire which compels a person to initiate action. It is also recognised as a reason which prompts to act.

As a teenager or a young adult is required to be motivated, you can apply two strategies where you can either expand the contributory reasons to act or restrict the reasons for not to act in each of these two stages.

When it is required to expand the reasons to act, it is of importance to understand the reasons which contribute towards the lack of motivation.


Young blood is identified as excellent dreamers involved with astounding prospects and potentials which could be converted into tangible achievements. Once the young people are assisted with constructive motivation, it has the potential of illuminating their future prospects while giving an array of hopes to the hopeless.

In this aspect, motivation could be treated as a prevailing push for self-realisation which is also the mandatory ingredient that can fulfill the requirements of a thriving life for which the age is not an obstacle. Motivation stands as a mandatory element in acquiring and enhancing the self-determination and the self-belief.

Unfortunately, most of the young people are more likely to be susceptible to what which aptly be referred to as demotivation Syndrome. Young people can easily be trapped by the sense of fear which can destroy their future. It is understood that the same fear is the root cause which discourages the young people in putting their new thoughts into practice.

It is of paramount significance in assisting the young people to treat failures and setbacks in life as a springboard in the event of change and success. You own a life which is spirited and subjected to persistent changes. It frequently faces with its own unforeseeable eventualities.

Therefore, motivation is a must in fueling the passion in the youth where diverse skills, talents as well as the dreams which they perceive could be brought out. It is the motivation which is able to create opportunities and knowledge of the path along which they are supposed to travel. But there involve various forms of motivation.

Potential and opportunities

Young people get the opportunity of rediscovering themselves while comprehending and shunning the slumbering potentials available with them by means of self-determination and actualisation. You can never facilitate change in yourself until you realise the undeveloped potential and opportunities.

The path towards the change of personal state is shaped up by the motivational processes such as self-determination and actualisation. The more you read motivational literature and also similarly the more you meet the people who motivate you, more prospects which can transform miserable circumstances into a pleasant success may prevail. Hence, the quality of life can be improved by motivation while individually taking efforts in becoming a unique person in society.

Unfortunately, you do not find many people believe in themselves. Amid severe circumstances, young people may tend to abandon hopes and dreams. The reason is the fact that some were born and bred with the sense of self-indulgence and never willing to see anything good in life. The others were born and bred with a lot of confidence where they believe that they are steadfast.

The people belonging to these sets live the life as a “win-win” situation. Notwithstanding self-belief should be inculcated. Those who do not have the self-belief currently can have it re- inculcated later in their lives. Motivation has an enormous capacity of assisting the young people being spiritually rather uplifted as much as the sun rises in the eastern sky where a strong sense of confidence is guaranteed despite the influence of the stiff environmental, economic, social, political and emotional factors.

Fear of failure

Essentially, the young people should be encouraged to take up new challenges. The sense of fear of failure should be eradicated. Fear is just like a wall which differentiates the successful people from the unsuccessful. The fear of failure does not allow your novel thoughts to materialise. It hinders your prospects of a better future.

Albert Einstein said, “If you never failed before, it means you have never tried something new”. In that light, fear is considered as one of the biggest barriers in the life of young people which should be eradicated by means of a properly delivered motivation package whereby the courage for success can be motivated among any young people regardless of their individual upbringing.

Motivation gives a strong degree of enthusiastic courage and hopes for the young people who would feel fond of their lives worth living where they will be able to reach at astounding achievements.