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“Catering industry has immense potential”

28 March, 2021
Growth prospects are immense if clean and quality stuff is offered at a reasonable price
Growth prospects are immense if clean and quality stuff is offered at a reasonable price

The catering industry has immense potential to be a major attractor of local and foreign visitors if the diverse taste buds could be satisfied, said Six to Six (Pvt) Ltd. Chairman and Managing Director and a veteran in the motor trade industry, Tilak Gunasekera.

Tilak Gunasekera

“There is a lot of potential in the industry to cater to people with diverse tastes. It is interesting to study and cater to different taste buds. The growth prospects are immense if clean and quality stuff is offered  at a reasonable price to customers. We have employed the best chefs in the industry,” Gunasekera said, adding that customers include embassies, corporates, government entities and schools apart from individual customers. 

The savoury range comprise buns, cakes and other sweet products such as éclairs and chocolates. “We also serve lunch on orders and do catering as well. This has to be pre ordered. We also make fresh fruit juices, ice coffee and chocolate drinks, which are unique tastes. We do get repeated customers who are satisfied with our food. “The country can promote its culture to foreign visitors through food as tourists like to taste local food. Some of our clients are foreigners who request indigenous food and drinks,” he said.

Gunasekera the former Sathosa Motors Managing Director and past chairman Ceylon Motor Traders Association left the motor industry as he felt it had lost its potential. He said the motor industry was doing well until 2019.Thereafter, the industry has been on a downhill run due to the ban on vehicle imports.  “Many of the automobile companies are struggling to survive. Some have offered Voluntary Retirement Schemes to their employees. I have been in the Motor industry well over 35 years and retired as the Managing Director at Sathosa Motors Plc. It was a long innings with many challenges during my career. I was also the Chairman of the CMTA  which is affiliated to the CCC (Ceylon Chamber of Commerce), the governing body of franchise holders.  I think I made a wise decision to embark on the food industry,” Gunasekera said, adding that the automobile industry will not revive under the current regulations that help to save  foreign exchange but not the motor vehicle trade.

The  ban on vehicle imports will continue until the end this year. The decision to impose the  ban is to  be reviewed by the end of the year. The ban on vehicles and non-essential goods was imposed  in March last year  as a move to save the outflow of foreign exchange and revive the economy impacted by the  pandemic.