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Brilliant Cuts wins Bronze award

28 March, 2021
Vindya Perera 
Vindya Perera 

Brilliant Cuts (Pvt) Ltd won a Bronze award in the Gem and Jewellery sector (small category) at the 28th Annual NCE Export Awards 2020.

Brilliant Cuts operates under the guidance of a mother and daughter duo, Mrs. Malani Polgampola (Directress of Brilliant Cuts) and Vindya Perera (Managing Directress at Brilliant Cuts). Vindya has laid the foundation to build her own brand, Lustre, through Brilliant Cuts.

The concepts of Brilliant Cuts and Lustre are such that they operate as two local platforms which open a creative space for novice and expert lapidary artists to uplift their talent further, and pave a rewarding career path for themselves in the Sri Lankan gem and jewellery industry, by pushing the boundaries of developing creative flair.

Initiatives have been put in place by Brilliant Cuts to expand the local gem and jewellery industry to  the international market. However, unfortunate circumstances keep arising due to various reasons.