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Floating agro tourism resort to open in Katana

28 March, 2021
The Bolagala floating agro tourism resort  
The Bolagala floating agro tourism resort  

The Bolagala Floating Agro Tourism Resort in Katana, close to the Negombo tourism hub, will be the newest addition to the inventory of experiences for tourists visiting Sri Lanka. 

This is the first-ever floating resort in Sri Lanka created adopting an agro-tourism theme consisting of 50 floating cabanas.

The project proponent Kelum Perera is an entrepreneur who succeeded in realising his dream of converting abandoned clay mining pits filled with rainwater into a sustainable tourism project. Seeing the environmental devastation left by clay miners with deeply dug out land spaces that could not be used for any other purpose, Perera launched an initiative to convert 13 acres to an agro and aquaculture tourist resort to restore the natural ecosystem and the scenic beauty which was destroyed due to human activities.

The first stage of the project has been completed and will be opened in June.

This sustainable tourism venture introduces the organic farming concept where the tourists are allowed to have hands-on experience of farming in Sri Lanka. This is the first time the organic farming concept is being put into use in the Negombo area.

 “Sustainable and eco-friendly products are the future for tourism particularly post Covid-19 and we look to the industry to be innovative and create unique experiences such as this project,” Chairperson of Sri Lanka Tourism, Kimarli Fernando said.

 The project is planned to be completed in two stages: Stage 1 - completion of three suite rooms, 27 deluxe rooms, three GPS movable rooms, a floating swimming pool and a restaurant. Stage 2:  Cabanas with the underwater spa and the other activity-based components.  The underwater spa is a unique feature with four spa rooms (completely underwater), Each room will have a 4’x6’ underwater viewing glass to enjoy underwater aquaculture. 

It will cater to the high-end tourist segment charging above the US $ 400 per night mainly from European countries.

Representatives from international tour operators from Germany, France, UK and Italy visited the site to check hotel standards and quality.

The Middle East market is also targeted in the future.