Jetwing Kandy Gallery upgrades rooms with audio solutions | Sunday Observer

Jetwing Kandy Gallery upgrades rooms with audio solutions

28 March, 2021

Jetwing Kandy Gallery recently upgraded its rooms with Ruark Audio to offer guests a world-class audio experience during their stay. This enabled the hotel to become the first hotel in Sri Lanka to join the elite Ruark Audio list - worldwide, a hotel spokesman said.

 General Manager, Jetwing Kandy Gallery, Dilip Kumar said,  “At Jetwing Kandy Gallery, we believe in the promise of offering a luxurious stay, surrounded by the comforts of world class hospitality. Giving our guests one of the world’s best in-room audio experiences is a testament to this promise. We are excited to be the first hotel in Sri Lanka to introduce the Ruark Audio R1 unit. They are an excellent addition to our rooms, perfectly complementing our ambience.” Managing Director, Digital Ear (Pvt) Ltd., Haren Perera said, “As a leading distributor for high-end audio solutions and lifestyle products in Sri Lanka, we take pride in offering the best experiences without compromising on quality. What makes our venture with Ruark Audio exciting is that it gives us the opportunity to help develop the local audio industry by paving the way for high-end audio to be a norm in Sri Lanka. Ruark Audio’s R1 unit has been developed to take advantage of the latest technologies, making it, as we believe, the best and most complete table top radio available. It is also ideal in the kitchen, perfect in the office and a great device to wake up to in the bedroom.”