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NSB launches QR Code in Kandy

28 March, 2021

The National Savings Bank (NSB) launched the QR Code in Kandy recently.

New technology has been at  the forefront of the bank which provides safe internet banking services as per global standards and the guidelines of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. The core banking system will go live in near future and a smart application will also be introduced. The QR Code is another aspect of this evolution and was first used in a vehicle manufacturing and assembling factory in Japan as an online payment method. Today, this is used around the world as a convenient and safe way of making payments.

NSB teamed up with the national program of promoting the QR code in urban and rural areas. The promotional programs in several districts has clearly contributed to popularising it among the people.

The number of customers who get registered with the QR system and the number of transactions carried out through the QR System is on the increase daily. 

Small and medium scale business people who transact through current accounts are directing their income to their savings accounts through QR Codes.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of QR Codes became essential more than ever as a measure of minimising the use of notes and coins, where the virus can remain for hours, a bank spokesman said.