Women Empowered Global IWD 2021 short film sheds light on the “Mom Penalty” | Sunday Observer

Women Empowered Global IWD 2021 short film sheds light on the “Mom Penalty”

28 March, 2021

Highlighting one of the most grueling issues faced by women during the global Covid-19 pandemic, Women Empowered Global launched a short film on the “Mom Penalty” on International Women’s Day that fell on 08th March 2021.

‘The Mom Penalty’ is a touching, nearly three-minute film that depicts just how challenging the past year has been for women. Undoubtedly the months of pandemic lockdown have been harsh on all of us. But it has been especially brutal for working moms. They have had to juggle endless workplace demands alongside managing an unequal load of housework, childcare and remote schooling. As a result, four times, more women than men dropped out of the workforce.

To highlight this concern, Women Empowered Global launched this film on International Women’s Day around the world, to address the elephant in the room - the Mom Penalty. “I am so excited to announce this beautiful, meaningful and powerful short film to commemorate International Women’s Day, to celebrate, recognise and appreciate all Women around the world.

This beautiful production was conceptualised by my dear friend and Personal Growth Officer at Women Empowered Global Ruchi Sharma, as it takes us on a deep reflective and relatable journey of a working mother & quote;, commented Senela Jayasuriya, Founder and CEO of Women Empowered Global.

“There have been many times in my own path as a working mom and woman where I faced so many struggles and personal challenges that tried to stop me from reaching my goal. Some of the toughest personal challenges for me have been the battles inside my own mind. There have been many days I questioned myself, my abilities and my worth. But I learnt to channel that energy into new growth opportunities, and struggles into more courage and momentum.

This is my truth and I want to encourage and inspire as many women as I possibly can in my lifetime, with my truth and vision, that you have the power inside you, you are already strong, and sometimes we just need to remind ourselves and each other of our own power and our strength. And remember- together, we are stronger” Senela continued.

The short film can be viewed on Women Empowered Global ’s Facebook and Instagram page @WomenEmpGlobal or via the link https://youtu.be/JFFkFmy3H1I on its YouTube page WOMEN EMPOWERED GLOBAL.

“As a working mom myself, this subject is very dear to my heart. From having to give up a high-profile overseas job to starting on my own from scratch, juggling demanding deadlines, working longer hours, navigating the world of remote learning with a young kid, endless housework and the anxiety of ageing parent” said Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Human Sense, Ruchi Sharma the creative agency behind this humane work.