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The happiest day of my life 

28 March, 2021

The happiest day of my life was September 1, 2020. I can still remember that day because I went on a trip with my family members and cousins to ‘Dediyagala’. 

The environment is mesmerising. We all jumped into the cold waters of Dediyagala lake. My cousin and I had a lot of fun by splashing water at the others. The water in the lake became so cold with the sudden pouring. We were almost shivering but despite the cold, we didn’t think twice to feed the shoals of fish in the water with pieces of bread. We had our lunch on a big rock near the lake. After this , we sang many songs.

It is the happiest day in my life and I’m sure that I will never forget it.


R.G Sanuli Dinaya

Grade 6-A

Asian Grammar School