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Parents - What they teach us

28 March, 2021

I love my parents for many reasons. Parents are the most important people in every event of our lives. They take good care of us, teach us values and provide us with tasty food, beautiful clothes and all our other needs.

When we fall ill, they take us to the doctors, give us medicine and take all the trouble to ensure that we recover quickly. 

  We get toys and many other things from them. They also take us on picnics and pleasure trips to make us happy. The most important thing they do for us is to teach us what is good and bad and show us how to be useful citizens in society. The assistance they give us in our studies too is invaluable. As children, we should be grateful and obedient to them we should look after them when they grow old.

I love my parents very much. 


 S.K. Kaveeshkar

6B, Ashoka College,