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Why I like my father to be with me

28 March, 2021

Nine years ago, my father had to leave us and go to Qatar to work in a bank there. I was two years old so I can’t remember that. Two years later, my mother and I went to Qatar for one month.

I saw many new places and we enjoyed a lot. I was very happy to stay with my father, but it was too short a period. After a month Amma and I came back to Sri Lanka. When we had to return we were very sad. However, every year we went to Qatar or my father came to Sri Lanka and stayed a month and went back .

For my school sports meets, other children’s fathers come to see their children’s performances but my father has not come yet. I am very sad to participate in school sports meets without my father. I hope he will come to my school sport meets in the future. I like to go to school with my father like the other students in my school. Since May 2020, I started to write articles to the Junior Observer. When I have an article published my father buys me a toy.

Now, eight years later, my father has decided to leave Qatar and come to Sri Lanka. My father decided to resign from his job as a banker so I will be happy. Now, I am 11 years old, but my father doesn’t like to see me very big. He always tells me don’t get bigger, stay small. My father is very kind to me but sometimes he gets angry.

When my father returns I will do my studies well with his help. We can make some new creations, He has many ideas to develop my home garden and I want to make a greenhouse with the help of my father. My father plays the guitar and I play the organ, violin, mouth organ and drums but we don’t have a place to practise and my father and I need to arrange a room

My father is my hero. I love my father very much and I think no one in the world would be happy like me when I am with him. I was very happy to hear that my father is coming to stay forever and not to stay for just a month or a week. I pray that my father comes to Sri Lanka safely amid the Covid -19 pandemic.

I am counting the days for my father’s arrival to really have my father’s love and not through the internet. I think I will be the luckiest son in the world when my father comes home to be with me.

S.N. Sasrutha

Nayanathul Dias

Grade 7

Sussex College