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The world of dinosaurs

28 March, 2021

Once upon a time, there lived a poor man. He gets only one piece of bread a day for all three meals. One day a fascinating idea hit his head. He thought to take some interesting photographs of animals and earn his living by selling the photographs.

The Next day, he took his camera and went to the forest to take some photographs. On the way, he found a hole in the ground. He went into the hole to explore more. Then he found himself whizzing through an enormous slide. When the slide ended, he saw a huge clutch of eggs.

Suddenly. he heard a thundering sound. He was curious to see what made the big sound, so he went in further. Then he was taken by surprise to see number of huge dinosaurs living inside the hole.

He took some photographs silently and returned to his world through the hole. He sold the photographs for high prices and became rich. Thereafter, he spent his days happily and lived a better life.