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Me, Myself and I

28 March, 2021

Me, myself and I are three English words with different spelling, pronunciation but which have the same meaning. But do humans absorb the real essence of these words? Well, one third of the population don’t whereas many won’t. Most of the humans don’t believe in oneself or else ‘loving themselves’, therefore it has become a real world problem. With the increase of tormenting in careers, people tend to let loose self-love.

How hard can loving yourself be? Is it really a lot harder to give yourself the love, attention and care required? ‘Loving Myself’can’t be taught, it has to be learnt by the person I himself. It may not be a thing for many, but for others it is. Self-Love is a varied component in life, much tough rather than giving love to complete strangers.

It is often said ‘Love yourself before you love any other’. What it means is that the individual must possess an experience of love in him or her prior to sharing it. To love himself or herself, the particular individual must have a positive outlook of the present and future too, which also includes a no regrets from the past. Probably, it’s impractical for humans to have no regrets in life, thereby emphasising the fact not to lament even though there are such situations, by reasoning that they are bygones.

Loving ourselves

To love ourselves, we must acquire several essential ingredients, such as self-esteem, courage, positivity and other such factors.

Here self-esteem and courage is like water for a desert, very important, without any of these, thriving in the normal world would be a thousand times harder than imagined. This is because of social forces, no matter what your position maybe, society tries to pull you down using various discouraging thoughts. Nevertheless, influences of money, beauty and fashion are useful when in need to acquire mental strength. Money wise, people are mainly categorised as rich, poor and middle class, eventually creating conflicts unnecessarily. Being born beautiful or ugly also matters much in modern times.

At certain instances even though the individual may have money, plus knowledge, if beauty isn’t on the list then the individual will lose his or her opportunity. When it switches to ‘Fashion’ we can observe a new trend of bullying within its scope. Here bullying is practically ‘Body-Shaming’. ‘Body-Shaming’ may be faced by anyone regardless of whether they are fat, thin, short, tall, dark and fair. Throughout the past years both physical as well as mental body shaming victims have increased drastically in the world plus in Sri Lanka. Anyone who has a certain amount of self-esteem would ever be affected by these. It is not great to be disturbed by these harmful thoughts.


Many young people believe that ‘With no soul every one is a nobody. it is indeed a normal fact. ‘You’ are the combination of a good soul and a knowledgeable mind. However, with the sands of time, youth loses the ability to think about themselves, and love themselves. They lose interest to care for themselves, which creates depression. This is mainly because of stress, social influences, the competition for money, work place or career influenced conflicts. While sometimes it is also induced from pressure by education, peers and drugs. Readers may question but why ‘Education’? Yes, Education, one of the most vital and vast factors. Pressure from education simply shows reference to the unstable, stressfulness of the field. When one degree is over the student is supposed to acquire another, without which he/she won’t have a recognisable post which will later result in humiliation. It’s heavily exhausting for at least for all beings living on the earth. In Sri Lanka, we can see young students hanging themselves, due to these reasons. Many do so as they are unable to handle the tension. Sometimes they may be doing certain subjects to fulfill their parents’ dream, even though they themselves hate the subject. Is it fair? I think the parents must also consider the child’s feelings..

At the end, there are also health conditions.It is mostly depression. And depression may seem just a usual word unless the person has gone through it. Depression is a mental state where the patient may be seen as ‘lazy’ but truly it is depression. It has a cure if the person understands the way to reinstate himself or herself to their original position. Or else the life will be mostly failures after this stage.


There are many ways the young generation resolve these complicated situations, but the most recent and deadly method is ‘Suicide’. It is the best method recommended for the person living in this dark cloud. However, this is of course a nightmare for people who love themselves.

The level of depression may be determined from the method the person used to commit suicide. For example, Sylvia Plath, a winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry killed herself by putting her head inside the gas oven. Her level of depression had been high during the last months of her life, but she hadn’t taken notice. It was later revealed that she had attempted suicide before as well. We are able to see many such killings in the modern century.

Nowadays many top celebrities, experience this trauma, some go to the extreme extent. For example: Stephanie Adams, the former American Glamour Model jumped from the 25th floor with her son in her arms. The unforgettable Death of Swedish DJ Producer ‘Avicii’, from self-inflicted cuts resulting in blood loss left his fans in shock. South Korean celebrity Goo-Hara died recently due to cyber-bullying.

There are more which have black patched history, and keeps on extending the list. These only make the world a bit scarier, through these we are losing a lot of talent. Meanwhile, their deaths also teach a good lesson of how certain things affect a person. If Goo-Hara’s death is amalysed she killed her herself due to cyber-bullying. Supposing the attacker thought to stop, Goo-Hara would still be living amongst us today. Possibly after this her friend ‘Sulli’ too followed the same steps.

But if both had a sample amount of courage and love for themselves this wouldn’t have happened. To those who are at the edge, it’s the duty of living people to help them, to make their lives better while also learning that Self-Love is initial.

Due the advancements the optimistic nature of life has completely vanished, it’s just more and more, that has no ending, finally paving the way into depression. It is mainly “Yes” or “No”, If the person has a pessimistic approach it will always be “ No”, “I can’t do this”, “Give Up” etc. Life is a very rare opportunity, is it fine to Give it up? I mean Can you? life is a golden chance, is it ok to limit yourself to what others want? Think for yourself.

“Love yourself first and everything will fall into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world”, because “Loving yourself is the greatest revolution”.