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Abans launches LG Ambassador program

4 April, 2021

LG has partnered with the Abans Group and the Korea Friends of Hope International, Sri Lanka (KFHI) to launch the ‘LG Ambassador Challenge’ In Sri Lanka.

Spearheading this initiative are Chairman of KFHI – Sri Lanka, Choi and Secretary of KFHI - Sri Lanka, LasithaNanayakkara, who have been instrumental in formulating this partnership to improve the lives of Sri Lankans and aiding the development of rural areas.

The ‘LG Ambassador Challenge’ program offers everyone the opportunity to do their part towards the improvement of their villages, and be recognized as the next rural-development innovator. This is a program currently conducted worldwide every year, and the goal was to commence this project as one that will be conducted annually in Sri Lanka too, to help Sri Lankan communities and better their lives.

Nanayakkara said, “The LG Ambassador Program takes place in other South Asian countries such as Bangladesh each year. The program has achieved much success by giving youth a platform to serve their countries and neighbourhood by identifying problems where they live and providing solutions to tackle and solve those issues. It was a huge goal of Korea Friends of Hope International to commence this project in Sri Lanka as well. With this induction, we hope to conduct the LG Ambassador program every year in Sri Lanka.”

The program has been divided into four main segments.

The selected projects: 1) Water Purification and Filtration Project – Vavuniya. LG Ambassador: Kunaraththinam Kajanagan. 2) Public Midwife Centre Renovation Project – Balangoda. LG Ambassador: U. D. I. Thushara. 3) Volleyball Ground Construction Project – Ampara. LGAmbassador: Tuwan Nawshath Allan. 4) Life Jackets Provision Project – Batticaloa. LG Ambassador: Pakkiyarasa Ketheeswaran. The four main people who sent in the above concerns will be titled as the first LG Ambassadors in Sri Lanka, and be awarded for their initiative and contribution towards highlighting issues in their villages and suggesting solutions to the issues.

The projects are due to commence soon.