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Medina Holdings launches 23Seven Media Desk

4 April, 2021

Medina Holdings (Pvt) Ltd has launched an advertising division - 23Seven Media Desk.

Offering fresh solutions and services by breaking down stagnant patterns to look at things differently, 23Seven promises to make ideas happen and change the face of advertising. One aspect of significance is the launch of the 23Seven website which promises to be a solutions portal for entrepreneurs and major corporations alike.  

Although 23Seven Media Desk specialises in location based branding and digital signage, the desk also provides the community with a range of creative and strategic advertising and brand management solutions, such as brand management consultation, brand collateral (print), advertising and PR, logo design, graphic design, web design, software and app construction, social media management, copywriting, audio production, photography and cinematography including event management. 

Brought into being by Feisal Marjan, Medina holdings (Pvt) Ltd began operations in 2017 in Mount Lavinia,  and has now expanded its reach to a new corporate office in Dehiwala with a new team of  experienced people.  23Seven Media Desk offers affordable and cost effective packages for small business owners and start-ups such as the “23Seven Starter Pack” which helps businesses set the foundations of their business or brand and be equipped for the digital age.