Transcend Drive promotes safety protocols | Sunday Observer

Transcend Drive promotes safety protocols

4 April, 2021

Transcend Drive, a transport solutions provider, has taken stringent measures to ensure the health and safety of its passengers and staff. Certified “safe and secure” following a comprehensive audit of Transend’s processes and services by the Sri Lanka Tourist Board.

During the lockdown, Transcend Drive went into strategy mode, taking into consideration the needss of the “new normal” and making changes to its daily operations. The fleet of vehicles managed by the company went through extensive sanitisation procedures while the staff received training on health and safety guidelines.

 The company is now ready to welcome travellers and fulfill the transport needs of those arriving in the island.

All vehicles after completion of a journey undergo routine cleaning and vacuuming of all interior surfaces, while the exteriors are thoroughly washed down.

The vehicles are then disinfected using electrostatic spraying technology. It is then tagged that the vehicle is sanitised and the date and time of the sanitation process is also mentioned so that the guest traveling rests assured.

The seats have a cover which will only be removed in the presence of the guest at the time of pick-up to ensure that it is freshly cleaned and sanitised, a company spokesman said.