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(In)complete flowers

4 April, 2021

An Exhibition, (In)complete flowers by Anusha Gajaweera will be open to the Public from April 5 - April 27 at Theertha Red Dot Gallery, Borella.

What has Anusha done here? He has painted black and white flowers on a white surface. But the flowers that Anusha has painted are not entirely black. It is a combination of black and white. Simultaneously, colourful flowers which are seemingly momentous in the context of his pictorial story are significantly evident.

Non-black and white flowers among the black and white flowers can be an absolute story. In chorus, using the erasing tactic, the flamboyant flowers also express a combination of the monochromatic quintessence.

The artist is to a certain extent, making a statement of his unwavering willingness to confront his(our) culture’s dark past, unrealised potentials and reluctance to associate with the concept of progress and rational thinking.

By this proclamation, Anusha’s art exposes that there is no higher than the moral judgment operating outside of him, in this consumerist world.