Caleb McLaughlin on “Stranger Things” filming: “It’s very weird” | Sunday Observer

Caleb McLaughlin on “Stranger Things” filming: “It’s very weird”

4 April, 2021

Caleb McLaughlin is all grown up and showing off his impeccable style on Flaunt Magazine’s recent “The Dawn Chorus” issue. Now 19 years old, the Stranger Things actor reflected on his time in quarantine and his upcoming film Concrete Cowboys with Idris Elba about urban cowboys in Philadelphia.

“Black people are the original cowboys and cowgirls,” Caleb tells the magazine about the film based on real-life cowboys in the gentrifying neighbourhood of Philly. “This isn’t a made-up story, this is about the people that live in Philly, and they’ve been riding horses for generations. This isn’t a rural area, when you go to Philly, Fletcher Street, there are people riding horses through the town. There are stables there, and they are part of that.”

He also opened up about Stranger Things that took a year hiatus due to Covid-19. Season four picked up filming in January and, according to Caleb, it’s being filmed unconventionally.

“Everything is backwards because of Covid. If there is a scene with extras, we can’t film with everyone right now. We have to only film scenes where there are fewer people, so we have to start from a later episode. We won’t start at episode one, we will start at episode five,” Caleb says. “It’s very weird — there is so much going on in the world right now.”

While there’s no word on when exactly the show will premiere, Caleb is keeping busy with promoting his upcoming film and music, “described as a mixture of neo-soul and R&B, with a debut single promised this summer.”